5 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants And How To Use Them


5 Best Mosquito Repellent Plants And How To Use Them

Mosquitoes are annoying in our everyday life. We do lots of things to get rid of them starting from mosquito repellent skin creams, smoky coils mosquito repellent liquids and what not. Instead few herbs and plants can help in keeping mosquitoes away from your home. Are you aware that there are numerous plants which act like mosquito repellents? If not, then we assure you that you must read this . certain plants have medicinal properties and aromatic nature which helps in repelling mosquitoes.

Here Is The List Of 5 Common Mosquito Repellent Plants Which Are Easy To Grow.

1. Marigold

Marigolds are one of the easiest plants to grow in your backyard. Their aromatic nature and attractive colour of plants repel mosquitoes very easily. The important feature of marigolds is that they contain Pyrethrum, which is a common insecticide. It not only helps to deter mosquitoes, but also helps to put away bugs aphids, thrips, whiteflies etc. All you need to do is sow some dried florets of marigold from some old flowers in a pot or you can sow the same in the ground near the entrance. You can also purchase a pot of marigold and place it near your entrance or the window where generally mosquitoes invade. Marigold is called Genda phool in Hindi.


2. Citronella

Also called Malabar ghass in Hindi and is a very common mosquito repellent used in most of the insecticides. Hence it is also called mosquito plant. It is very effective than the bottle, artificial mosquito repellents which are too expensive. Citronella looks like grass and grows about 5-6 feet height. When the leaves are crushed, they act like a natural mosquito repellent lotion on application on to your skin. The plant grows well in sunny areas and also drought prone lands.


3. Lemon Balm

The leaves of lemon balm look more like mint. They have a mixed aroma of lemon and mint. They are quite easy to grow and are drought resistant. The lemon balm leaves can be crushed in your hands and can be applied directly on your skin. More importantly, if you crush the lemon balm leaves and put them in the window where generally mosquitoes enter the house, it will help to ward off the same.

Lemon balm leaves

4. Basil

Most of us know that basil leaves are used for their aroma in dishes. But many of us are unaware that the plant of basil act like a better mosquito repellent. It is revealed in a recent research that basil or Ocimum leaves repel mosquitoes as efficiently as 100 percent. There are two types of basils lemon basil and cinnamon basil, which are very popular for deterring mosquitoes. Similar to other plants mentioned above, you can simply rub basil leaves and apply on your skin to protect yourself from mosquitoes.


5. Lavender

We see lavender fragrance in most of our perfume talcum powders and room fresheners etc. the reason behind is it not only adds good fragrance but also helps in repelling mosquitoes from entering your home. Lavender helps to promote calmness and also relaxes your senses. The plant has tiny purplish coloured flowers whose aroma are unforgettable. You can happily grow this plant in a tiny pot and grow in your backyard.


Since the summer ended and the coming season can breed unwanted mosquitoes, its better to prepare yourself and keep the house away from the tiny unwanted guests. Mosquitoes generally enter your homes during the early hours of the morning and early evenings. So better be cautious and follow these simple steps to make your home secured.