10 Warning Signs That Tell You Your Body Is Lacking Water


10 Warning Signs That Tell You Your Body Is Lacking Water

Water is a very essential mineral for the growth and development of the body. Each and every system in human body can work efficiently only if you consume enough water and fluids. Your skin, hair, organs, bodily system etc needs water to perform its daily function. It is impossible to survive without water and thus it is important to consume a desired amount of water daily. Water helps in removing toxic elements from the body, nourishes each organ, provides lubrication, helps in digestion process, makes the skin glow and acts as the most essential ingredient to improve health. Due to various reasons like excessive temperature and dietary issues, your body can lack water which is harmful for the body.

Here Are Some Signs To Which Signify That Your Body Lacks Water!

1. Changes In Urine Colour And Frequency( It Becomes Dark Yellow)

People complaint about reduced need of peeing. This is due to lack of fluids in your body. Also, the colour of your urine changes if your body suffers from lack of water. If your body is filled with enough liquids, you would urinate approximately 7 times a day. If you urinate less, this is a sign showing lack of fluids in your body.

2. Constant Headaches

It is important that your brain gets enough fluids and water. When your body is not hydrated, you would constantly suffer from headaches and heaviness. Fluids can allow blood circulation in your brain which is very important for the normal functioning of your brain. Thus, with lack of fluids, you can suffer from constant headaches.

3. Constipation And Digestive Problems

The main process in your body is the digestive process. It requires a lot of water to absorb nutrients from the food to eat, flush out all the toxic substances from your body and to digest the food. If your body is lacking water, the digestive system gets chocked up. This can result into constipation and such issues.

Constipation And Digestive Problems

4. Smelly Dry Mouth

Bad breath or smelly mouth is one of the conditions which occur if you are facing lack of water. Water keeps your body hydrated and lubricated. Also, the digestive system gets damaged due to lack of water and this causes bad breath. Thus bad breath is due to improper digestion and lack of water

Smelly Dry Mouth

5. Loosing Concentration And Memory Power

Brain power gets activated with water. All the neurological issues and memory related problems are triggered due to low water intake. Brain is the part which uses almost 90% of your body and if you are suffering form lack of water, your brain is the first one to get affected!

Loosing Concentration And Memory Power

6. Craving For Food

Digestive system issues also can cause food cravings and reduced appetite. The thirst signals can get misunderstood with hunger cravings and you would feel hungry all the time! Thus, if you feel hungry, it is due to lack of water in your body and the thirst you feel due to it.

Craving For Food

7. Dryness In Skin And Lips

Lips and skin require a lot of water to stay hydrated. The skin glows and looks smooth just due to the regular blood flow and nourishment. If your body lacks water, your skin and lips would get dry and this is a primary sign of lack of water in your body!

Dryness In Skin And Lips

8. Increased Heartbeats

Just like other systems, your heart and cardiovascular systems area also related to water intake. Your heart requires proper blood flow and water to work efficiently. The heart may get irregular and accelerated heartbeats due to dehydration and lack of fluids. The blood would not flow efficiently which causes heartbeat changes!

 Increased Heartbeats

9. Frequent Pain In Muscle And Joint

Muscles too, require fluids and water to stay healthy. If your muscles and joints ache frequently, this is a sign which shows lack of fluids. Your muscles consist of, more than 50% water and if enough water is not supplied, it can cause pain and stiffness in your muscles. Due to water, the bones won’t clash and would work efficiently while if you are facing lack of water, the bones get rubbed with each other causing pain!
muscle pain

10. Feeling Extremely Weak And Dull

Water is an energy booster and if you are suffering from the lack of water, it can work as tiredness. The feel of tiredness, fatigue, laziness comes with lack of water. Due to low water supply, the blood flow and oxygen supply gets reduced which can make you feel dull. All your systems get dull without these important elements and thus, water is required. If you feel extremely lazy and tired, it shows that you need more water to activate your body!

Feeling Extremely Weak And Dull