10 Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes You Shouldnt Ignore


10 Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes You Shouldnt Ignore We all know the importance of diagnosing diseases like diabetes early before it shows adverse effect on human body. Diabetes starts effecting slowly and get worse if not detected. Early detection and Care will help you in fighting with severe diseases like Heart fail, strokes, Blindness, kidney problems etc.In todays day to day life we forget to take care of ourselves and pay attention to the warnings and signs of harmful diseases that may lead you to the worst conditions; it is heartbreaking to see your loved once in trouble and the worst feeling is when you’re unable to help them in getting out of it! So don’t put yourself and your beloved in such threatening situations.

Here Are The Warning And Signs That Will Help You In Identifying Diabetes, So That You Can Control And Fight From It Happily!

1. Always Running To The Washroom

Rushing to the bathroom to pee constantly is one of the prominent signs which showcases that something is wrong if you feel the need to urinate frequently, this is the early or prominent sign of diabetes which you should not avoid. Also people suffering from diabetes would face this problem and extreme emergency for urinating. This is the most significant sign which you need to consider.
running to the washroom

2. Slower Healing Of Cuts, Wounds And Bruises

When diabetes starts spreading in your body or cells are affected with this disease, the ability of your body to fight various diseases, wounds, infections etc get decreased. If you are too suffering from the same issue, this can be a sign of diabetes entering your body. Your wounds do not get easily repaired and bleeding does not stop that easily. This reduced ability of healing wounds is a sign of diabetes!
wounds and bruises

3. Sudden Changes In Weight

While you are suffering form diabetes, it can happen that you loose or gain some amount of weight. This is a very common action which states that you have diabetes. With the changes in your health and blood sugar conditions, your weight gets increased or reduced significantly. Thus, more weight related changes in your body than normal can state you have diabetes.
Weight Reduction

4. Feeling Dry And Extremely Thirsty

If you feel dry or extremely thirsty, this is a sign of increasing risk of diabetes. In the beginning phase, the patients complaint about having immense thirst or feeling dryness in mouth. Extreme feeling of dryness in mouth or feeling thirsty is one of the signs which showcases you may be suffering from diabetes.

Feeling Dry And Extremely Thirsty


5. Vision Issues

Vision issues are another sign of diabetes. If you are at a risk of diabetes, you would face issues with vision and get a blurry vision. Problem in seeing things at a distance, blurry vision and such issues are quite common.

6. Noticeable Changes In Skin Color

Your skin reflects the inner condition of your body. If you notice changes in your skin color, it can act as a sign of emerging diabetes in your body. If you are at a risk to suffer from diabetes your skin becomes patchy and dark. Also some people feel irritation and changes in the color of the skin. These abnormal changes in the skin colors would show diabetes.

Noticeable Changes In Skin Color

7. Sexual Disorder

Sexual disorders or issues while having sex can be a prominent sign of diabetes. Dryness in vagina, problems in erection etc are the common issues while having sex. These issues are common if you are at a risk of diabetes. If you suffer from any such issues and also with the other symptoms of diabetes, you must take up a test and diagnose for diabetes!

Sexual Disorder

8. Feeling Hungry All The Time

Feeling hungry is a common sign which all the people suffering from diabetes. If you feel hungry more than regular and feel cravings for various foods, it signifies that you may have diabetes. Instant hunger and food cravings are a sign which you must not ignore. Also this can lead to increased or decreased appetite.

Feeling Hungry All The Time

9. Feeling Extremely Tired And Weak

Tiredness, laziness, fatigue are generally common but if you are feeling them extremely, it an act as a sign of diabetes. Your cells are fighting with the disease and you constantly feel tired, dull and fatigue. Thus, feeling tired while your body uses all the energy to fight the disease is a sign of diabetes.

 Feeling Extremely Tired And Weak

10. Feeling Deprived And Tingling Sensation

The tingling sensation and weird feeling is quite common. People complaint about having a tingling sensation in stomach, in palms, in feet and such areas. Mood swings with this tingling sensation are too common. If you feel these sensations and feel deprived, you need diagnosis. These are all the signs which show diabetes and if you suffer from them, you must go for a checkup.

Feeling Deprived And Tingling Sensation