4 Tips On Diet Treatment For Anxiety


Diet Treatment For Anxiety

Our daily lives are fraught with many challenges and ups and downs that trigger chemical and emotional reactions which are sometimes difficult to cope with.

Almost every person in the world experiences severe anxiety at some point during the lifetime and some of them will continue to experience it much frequently when faced with certain situations, while a few of them find it so difficult to deal with that they will be diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Though treating severe anxiety problems sometimes requires expert intervention, a determination towards positive attitude, meditation or healthy amount of exercise along with dietary changes will help overcome the problem. Here are a few tips on dietary treatment for anxiety.

Diet Treatment For Anxiety

Cutting Low On Carbohydrates

Listen To Music To Reduce Anxiety

Carbohydrates fuel both anxiety and excitement. We require carbohydrates so that our body will get the energy to function efficiently. But taking more than necessary amounts can overexcite the body.

Though stress-eating makes you feel good and seems to soothe your mind, you are actually loading yourself up with more fuel to help your body continue the anxiety process. Similar to carbohydrates caffeine and nicotine, though feel soothing, will actually fuel the anxiety. So, it is important to remember every time you feel anxious to try and control your urge for them and calm yourself through deep breathing or by doing something relaxing such as reading or listening to music.

Avoid Fried And Junk Food

Avoid Junk Food To Reduce Anxiety

Fried and junk food are the major culprits for not just ruining your overall health, but also for making you feel queasy and anxious. Your body is a combination of highly evolved and sensitized organs; it will know when you are treating it wrong and it will react accordingly.

Fried and junk foods are full of free radicals which are highly reactive and result in oxidative stress. This affects your body’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety in a very negative way. Free radicals also increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. So, whenever you crave for something on the street, choose healthy options. You can also carry a favorite fruit in your bag to eat when you want to.

Increase Antioxidant Rich Food Intake

Antioxidant Rich Food To Reduce Anxiety

Antioxidants can be rightfully nicknamed the elixir of life. They fight everything bad for you. They fight the free radicals and protect you from oxidative damage. They help you slow down the aging process. Most importantly they help release growth hormones and moderate the release of stress hormones helping reduce anxiety, tension, depression and negative feelings.

Antioxidants are available in the form of vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene. Almost all berries (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and so on) and every fruit and vegetable contains antioxidants. When you plan your meal, divide it into three parts, and make sure one part of your meal always consists of either fruits or vegetables or both.

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Switch To Whole Grain Products And Lean Meats

Breads, pasta and all other main carbohydrate part of the meal made from whole grains are rich sources of B vitamins and minerals which are important in both direct and indirect ways in controlling anxiety.

The complex carbohydrates from whole grains ensure a regulated and healthy hunger and energy release thus keeping you from unnecessary cravings. Lean meats provide you with the healthy protein you need and decrease the intake of saturated fats which are a source of free radicals. With one part lean meat, one part whole grain food and one part antioxidant rich fruits or vegetables you also get a healthy balanced diet.

Whole Grain Products To Reduce Anxiety