5 Change Of Diet To Cure Low Blood Pressure


Diet To Cure Low Blood Pressure Low blood pressure occurs when the blood cannot reach certain parts of the body, especially the brain causing dizziness, headaches, difficulty in concentrating or focusing and many other problems. Unless any nervous or heart-related problem has been identified as the cause, low blood pressure can easily be treated through changes in diet.In fact, it is seen more often than not in people with irregularities in their eating habits and nutritional intakes. Here are some important changes in diet that must be made to ensure complete treatment of low blood pressure.

Diet To Cure Low Blood Pressure

Adjust Your Salt Intake

Salt For Low Blood Pressure Salt is an electrolyte which helps healthy functioning of your nerves and muscles and is very important to keep your heart beating which is why not taking enough salt will cause low blood pressure. Especially in the areas with climates that cause a lot of sweating it is necessary to replenish the electrolytes regularly during meals.

Get Right Amounts Of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates Foods For Low Blood Pressure Carbohydrates are one of the vital nutrients responsible for normal functioning of your body. Without carbohydrates the organs in your body will not receive enough energy to function efficiently, including your heart which has to pump blood literally from head to toe. Skipping meals and not eating at right times or in enough amounts are very common reasons of low blood pressure. So always ensure that you eat at right times and get enough carbohydrates to avoid low blood pressure.

Drink Enough Water

Drink Water For Low Blood Pressure Along with electrolytes the body needs regular supply of water to help keep the blood volume stable. When there is dehydration (through diarrhea, vomiting, severe sweating, going without water for a long time or any other reason) the blood loses water and the volume of blood decreases making it difficult for the heart to pump to all parts of the body. So make sure you rehydrate yourself at regular intervals to keep the blood pressure stable. Sometimes it might not be enough to just drink water. The body also needs electrolytes and carbohydrates. In that case, try drinking coconut water, juices, eating juicy fruit, or any healthy drink to feel better.

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Liver, Seafood, Poultry And Dairy Products

Dairy Products For Low Blood Pressure Low blood pressure can also be caused because of deficiencies of various nutrients, like iron and vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is required in the production of blood cells. When there is a deficiency you might experience chronic low blood pressure symptoms as there are not enough blood cells to conduct the required transportation of oxygen and nutrients to all other cells. Consuming liver, poultry (turkey, chicken, eggs), seafood and fortified dairy products will help improve the levels of vitamin B12. Vegetarians with deficiency should take supplements and try eating foods fortified with vitamin B12.

Meat, Fish, Poultry And Green Leafy Vegetables

Meat, Green Leafy Vegetables For Low Blood Pressure Lean meat, fish, poultry and green leafy vegetables are all good source of iron. Iron is available in two forms, heme form, which is found in animal sources, and non-heme, form which is found in plant sources. Though the heme form of iron is easily absorbed by the body and helps improve iron deficiency much faster it is also important to eat green leafy vegetables for a more balanced diet.

5 Change Of Diet To Cure Low Blood Pressure