10 Surprising Ways To Control Blood Pressure


10 Surprising Ways To Control Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is on rise nowadays. People are prone to high blood pressure due to urban lifestyle. Stress, lack of physical exercise, and unhealthy diet all contribute badly to up blood pressure. The symptoms of high blood pressure are difficult to recognize. Most people are unaware of the diseases, while others come to know very late when the symptoms become very severe or when get heart attack, stroke, cognitive decline or kidney failure.

So, it is necessary to check blood pressure frequently before it becomes too late. While we can’t avoid the hectic and stressful urban lifestyle, we definitely can follow certain healthy habits that help to keep blood pressure normal. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to maintain blood pressure. Described below are some ways to control blood pressure. Include them in your daily routine to stay away from high blood pressure.

Here Are Some Surprising Ways To Control Blood Pressure:

Walk Everyday

It has been studied that daily walking for 30 minutes to 1 hour keep blood pressure in control. Walking increases blood circulation in the body which helps to transport oxygen. Workout or cardio exercise improves oxygen transport hence heart does not have to work hard to pump oxygen. So try brisk walking or workout to lower down blood pressure.

Take A Walk Everyday

Practice Breathing Exercise

Slow breathing exercises like pranayama and tai chi help to lower stress hormone that are responsible for stress and anxiety. Include these exercises in your routine to control blood pressure. Practice few minutes in the morning and few minutes before going to bed to release tension and stress.

Breathing Exercises

Eat Sweet Potatoes

It is essential to increase potassium intake and lower sodium consumption to maintain blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended to consume potassium rich foods. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium. Consumption of sweet potatoes helps to lower blood pressure. Other potassium rich foods include tomatoes, orange juice, banana, kidney beans, peas, and dried fruits like prunes and raisins.

Sweet Potatoes

Avoid Salt

Salt contains high amount of sodium which is like poison for high blood pressure patients. So, lower salt intake as much as possible. Never use raw salt in your diet it contains more sodium than the cooked one. Cooking decreases sodium contains. Moreover, watch out for packed and processed foods that contains high sodium.


Eat Dark Chocolate

It is surprising to know that dark chocolate can control your blood pressure. Actually, dark chocolate contains flavanols that makes the blood vessel more elastic and improves blood circulation. Many studies have stated that a patient who consumes dark chocolate everyday has reported with significant drop in high blood pressure.

Take A Bite Of Chocolate

Lower Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol in limited amount is actually good for health. It can lower blood pressure to some amount. But excessive drinking increases blood pressure. Therefore, limit alcohol consumption to control blood pressure.


Drink Decaf Coffee

Caffeine is found to increase blood pressure. It even constricts the blood vessel and doubles the effect of stress. As during stress heart pumps more blood thus increases the blood pressure. And caffeine amplifies the effect. If you are addicted to coffee then try to use decaf coffee for preparing coffee. It is also advisable to limit the consumption of other caffeinated drinks like tea.

Drink Decaf Coffee

Drink Green Tea

Oxidized black tea may not be good for health but green tea is definitely good for health. There are several green teas available in the market. It is recommended to drink hibiscus tea to maintain blood pressure. Hibiscus green tea contains phytochemical which helps to lower blood pressure. There are even some herbal teas available which contains hibiscus. Those teas are also effective for reducing blood pressure. You can also go for herbal teas with hibiscus as ingredient. But check the composition of the tea before buying.

Green tea

Avoid Stress

Under stress our body response very differently. Stress put pressure on endocrine gland, heart and even increases blood pressure. It is very necessary to lead a stress free life to maintain blood pressure. You can do several things to avoid stress like yoga and meditation. Just listening to music or taking up hobbies also release stress. Research has found that individuals suffering from hypertension have a positive effect when they listen to soothing music like Indian classical music.


Swap Carbohydrates With Soya

Diet plays an important role in maintaining good health. Doctors recommend high blood pressure patients to take low-fat foods. Consuming raw vegetables and fruits helps to maintain blood pressure. Refine carbohydrates are not good for high blood pressure patients. It has been found that swapping carbohydrates with high protein food like soya and low-fat dairy product helps to maintain blood pressure.

Fruits and Vegetables As Diet Remedy