7 Reason Why Excess Sugar Is Poisinous


7 Reason Why Excess Sugar Is Poisinous

Sugar lovers! This article may make you feel dishearten but yes it is true excess amount of sugar is like a sweet poison for your body. Sugar is worst ingredient hidden inside our day to day food and people are addicted to sugar as similar as they are addicted to drugs. Excess sugar can lead you towards terrifying diseases like heat and cardio diseases, liver failure, diabetes & metabolic syndrome and high obesity. An average human eats 3-4 teaspoon of sugar per day in coffee or tea or in some other forms like fructose in corn and other food items. You’re eating something which has no nutritional values. Sugar does not contain any protein, vitamins or minerals. That’s why physicians mark it as sweet poison and advices other to reduce the intake of sugar as less as possible.

Here Are Some Of The Main Reasons Why Excess Sugar Is Poisonous And Why You Should Keep It Away From Your Regular Diet.

1. Excess Sugar Can Lead You Overloaded Liver

Liver issues are very common if you consume immense sugar. Sugar is extremely harmful for the liver as it can stock it up and deprive you off minerals and nutrients. The fatty liver disease is caused by excess consumption of sugar. Fatty liver is a very harmful disease which can end up with worth digestive and metabolic conditions.


2. Metabolic Syndrome And Diabetes

Diabetes type 1 and 2 is considered as one of the harmful and most life threatening disease. If you are consume more sugar than the daily required limit, it can lead to high blood sugar levels and decreased ability to fight various disease. Thus, high sugar consumption can lead to diabetes and also lead to other life threatening disease.
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3. Sugar Is The Reason Of High Cholesterol And Severe Heart Diseases

High cholesterol and obesity is one of the causes of increased mortality rate. The mortality rates are increased with such disease. Increased cholesterol levels and severe heart disease are very common which can be caused by sugar consumption. Thus, reduce your sugar consumption to fight such disease and stay healthy!

Sugar Is The Reason Of High Cholesterol And Severe Heart Diseases

4. Sugar Is Reason For High Obesity

People have a misconception that obesity is caused due to fat. But sugar consumption is also one of the reasons of getting obese. Sugar makes you obese and fat and can also lead to some life threatening disease. Thus, reduce your sugar consumption to fight obesity!

5. It makes your brain work slower and reduces you memory

Sugar leads to lowering your various body functioning. Your brain and neurological system have a direct connection with the food you consume. High sugar is one of the leading causes of brain issues and educed memory.

6. Shocking But True, Sugar Can Also Cause Cancer

Sugar can increase the production of cancer cells. With increasing cholesterol, obesity and heart blockages, sugar can reduce your immunity and ability to fight with various diseases. Sugar prevents the immune system to fight from the cancer cells and thus can lead to the disease.


7. Very Bad For Your Teeth, As It Has Zero Nutritional Values

Sugar has low nutritional value and thus is categorized as a bad food. It simply consists of high fat and calories which can make you fat. This sweetener is harmful for the body as it won’t get you any nutrients and make you obese.
teeth whitening To lead a healthy life cut down sugar from your diet and consume the minimal amount of it to get the best result.