6 Vitamin C Overdose Symptoms

Vitamin C Overdose Symptoms

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It helps in many body functions like making the collagen strong and increasing the strength of soft tissues. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which helps in protecting the body from damage by free radicals. It helps the body in absorbing calcium and iron. It increases immunity of the body. Vitamin C reduces the level of cholesterol in the body, which plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease. Many people think that consuming excess amount of Vitamin C is not harmful.

However, this is not true. If you take too much Vitamin C, it can cause many health problems. Vitamin C overdose is toxic and can cause adverse body reactions. You should know the upper tolerable limit of Vitamin C intake so that you can be aware of the right amount of Vitamin C that you can take safely.

This limit is 2,000 mg. You can take 75-90 mg Vitamin C daily. Do not exceed the Vitamin C intake more than this, as it can be dangerous for health. Overdose of Vitamin C causes many dangerous symptoms. You should know the symptoms of Vitamin C overdose. The main Vitamin C overdose symptoms are as follows.

Symptoms Of Vitamin C Overdose

1. Stomach Problems

The main symptom of Vitamin C overdose is stomach problems like cramps in the abdomen and upset stomach. The patient can have diarrhea. There are gastrointestinal symptoms like heartburn, vomiting and nausea.A tender mass is formed in the left part of the abdomen. The overdose causes bloating as well as indigestion. There can be excessive flatulence. These symptoms are cured when you stop the excess intake of Vitamin C.

Stomach Problems

2. Body Pain, Mouth And Face Problems

Vitamin C overdose causes headache and foot cramps. There can be pain the muscles. The patient has severe back pain. There is ulcer formation in the mouth along with sores.There is eruption of rashes in the face. The face becomes red. There is facial flushing and itching in the skin.

 Body Pain, Mouth And Face Problems

3. Stress, Insomnia And Dental Problems

The patient feels increased stress due to Vitamin C overdose. There can be dental problems like formation of cavities in the teeth. There can be tooth decay. Vitamin C overdose causes many sleep problems. The patient has insomnia, cannot sleep well and has a poor sleep.

Stress, Insomnia And Dental Problems

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4. Anemia

Excess intake of Vitamin C causes hemolytic anemia in which there is fatigue along with weakness. This is more common in patients who have genetic enzyme deficiency due to which the red blood cells are damaged and this leads to anemia.Vitamin C overdose also causes anemia due to Vitamin B12 deficiency.


5. Kidney Stones And Copper Deficiency

Vitamin C overdose causes kidney problems like kidney stones. When there is excess intake of Vitamin C, it causes deposition and collection of calcium oxylate, leading to the formation of kidney stones.Patients who have kidney stones history should take maximum 100 mg Vitamin C daily. Vitamin C overdose can also cause copper deficiency.

Kidney Stones And Copper Deficiency

 6. Iron Toxicity And Jaundice

Excess Vitamin C intake can cause Iron toxicity due to excess absorption of iron. This causes serious health problems like liver and heart disease.The patient’s requirement of oxygen increases, which causes too much cardiovascular strain. Vitamin C overdose can cause jaundice, in which the skin and eyes become yellow.

Iron Toxicity And Jaundice


  • While they give you ALL of these warning about overdosing Vitamin C, note that they do not list even one single clinical study that validates ANY of these overdose conditions.
    I’m made to jump through tons of hoops to prove it is safe, apparently the reverse is NOT needed when trying to scare people away from the use of this foundational vitamin when it come to strengthening your Immune System. Google Dr. Klenner and Dr. Linus Pauling Phd or go to Injectable Vitamin C website and read for yourself the power of this with virtually no side effects and how safe and powerful it truly is.

    • Petra

      I can vouch for the side effects of too much Vit c, after 1 week of stopping (I was taking 4000 mg per day at least) my eyelids have returned to normal almost, they were red sore and swollen with cracks at the sides, I had muscular pains around my knee and calf . I was becoming severely dehydrated if I didn’t drink at least 3 litres of water per day and my urine was so concentrate . I hope it has not caused me kidney problems. Too much of any nutrient is unsafe!!!

      • I don’t know what caused your issues, but it wasn’t the vitamin c. If you were taking it combined with sodium or magnesium, that might have caused the problem, but I take 8,000 mg -10,000 mg a day with absolutely no problems. The Riordan Clinic gives it in an IV at minimum 25,000 mg and I’ve never heard of an instance like what you described.
        Not saying you didn’t experience it, but warning EVERYONE off even 4,000 mg a day because of one very, very, very, very rare reaction to something believed to be associated is more damaging to health than helpful.
        Vitamin C is water soluble and the CDC has NEVER reported even one incidence of Vitamin C overdose and there are millions of people taking high dose Vitamin C and have been for decades.

        • DDiane

          I would have agreed with you stnick007 but, there is something going on with vitamin C. I have taken large doses for years and never had any problem, but about 4 months ago I began to have what seemed like symptoms of diabetes. I was extremely thirsty all the time, and it didn’t seem to matter how much water I drank. I got so dehydrated I went in to urgent care and they gave me an IV to hydrate me again. They did many blood tests, urine etc., but everything came back normal. I also had aches and pains and felt swollen up. I could not seem to figure out what it was. By accident, I stopped taking vitamin C for a few weeks and felt much better. Still did not think it was the vitamin C until I started to get a scratchy throat, and took 3000 mg of vitamin C before I went to bed to ‘zap’ what may be a cold coming on. The next morning all my symptoms were back, thirsty, peeing all the time, aching, just not feeling right, dizzy etc. I didn’t take vitamin C the next day and everything went away again.
          Maybe it isn’t the vitamin C directly but something in the processing. Or maybe some developed allergy. I don’t get the symptoms like the above article states, but I am very glad that I figured out what was causing these symptoms that seem to mirror diabetes II.

          • I’m guessing that maybe the way its processed is putting or leaving something unwholesome in it that is causing the problems.
            You might try Liposomal C which bypasses the glucose receivers in the intestines and isn’t released until its in the bloodstream. If you want to bypass the oral intake, you can get high dose (25,000mg+) by doing an implant via enema colon implant.

            I take Sodium Ascorbate that has the GMP third party purity seal on it so I know it is tested and pure.
            You might contact the Riordan Clinic in Wichita, Ks to see if they have seen those symptoms and know what is causing them.

        • DDiane

          I just looked at the bottle of vitamin C I have. It isn’t just vitamin C. It also has 100MG of Citrus Bioflavanoid Complex and 25mg Rutin Powder. Hmm, maybe it is one of these that is causing those symptoms, and not the vitamin C. I will try and switch. I thought I was taking 100% vitamin C.

  • Hispanic Attack

    oh no I take 6000mg per day, my stool is good, no side effects,, no pain..?

  • ethan_hines

    so why does my vitamin c bottle say adult dose: take 4 tablets daily and each tab is 500mg?

  • txcs714

    It took me two months to figure out it was the 1,000mg daily of vitamin C that was causing me to be thirsty all the time, urinate all the time (sometimes urgently), and just not feeling quite myself. I started wondering if I was becoming diabetic, but that was negative, and in my searches I found a reference to the possible vitamin C connection, and a light bulb went off in my head. I stopped taking it and within just a few days the constant thirst was gone and urination returned to normal. I suspect it just depends on the individual. I’m sure glad I figured it out. It’s a terrible feeling to feel like you’re going to pee your pants as a grown man!

  • Gilles Bkk

    what a load of crap info ! plain wrong…. you can test your upper limit by dosing 500/1000 mg every 15 minutes and time when you get diarrhea, that is your daily limit