5 Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms


Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms

We get vitamins through the food we eat. Vitamins help in the normal functioning of the body. They give us energy and help in the production of red blood cells. Our body needs vitamins in a very small quantity. Vitamin B consists of eight vitamins and they are together known as B complex vitamin. Our body derives energy from various nutrients that function as fuel. The role of Vitamin B is to use the nutrients as fuel and the formation of new DNA, thereby helping in cell multiplication.

Vitamin B is water-soluble and destroyed by the process of cooking and drinking alcohol. Vitamin B is destroyed in processed foods like white flour and rice. A poor diet can cause Vitamin B deficiency, which can cause many health problems. If you want to prevent Vitamin B deficiency, you should take a balanced diet consisting of nutrients. It is not possible for most people to find if there is vitamin deficiency without consulting a doctor.

Therefore, you should avoid diagnosing yourself and believing that you have vitamin deficiency. You should consult doctor or dietitian, who can help you in finding if you suffer from vitamin deficiency. You should know the symptoms of deficiency of various types of vitamins that are a part of Vitamin B. The chief Vitamin B deficiency symptoms are as follows.

Symptoms Of Vitamin B Deficiency

Symptoms Of Thiamin Deficiency

Beriberi Due To Vitamin B Deficiency

The deficiency of thiamin causes beriberi. It causes cardiovascular diseases and muscular problems. If beriberi is dry, the patient suffers from nerve degeneration and tingling in the whole body. The coordination of limbs becomes less and there is calf pain. If the beriberi is wet, the patient has heart problems like enlarged heart.

There can be heart failure and swelling. Patients who drink alcohol have thiamin deficiency, which causes symptoms like eyeball involuntary movements and staggering. The eye muscle becomes paralyzed and there is mental confusion.

Symptoms Of Riboflavin And Niacin Deficiency

Tongue Inflammation Due To Vitamin B Deficiency

Riboflavin deficiency causes tongue inflammation. The tongue becomes cracked and red. There is anxiety and light sensitivity. The deficiency causes red cornea and inflamed eyelids. The patient has hair loss and skin rashes. Niacin deficiency causes symptoms of pellagra like dementia and dermatitis.

There can be irritability, weakness, diarrhea, dizziness and loss of appetite. There is swelling and inflammation in the tongue. Niacin deficiency also causes mental confusion. Lack of proper treatment can cause death.

Symptoms of Pantothenic Acid And Biotin Deficiency

Insomnia Due To Vitamin B Deficiency

Pantothenic acid deficiency causes loss of appetite, vomiting and insomnia. There can be tiredness, constipation and fatigue. The deficiency can cause intestinal distress. Biotin deficiency causes symptoms like depression, loss of appetite, scaly dermatitis, hair loss and weakness.There can be hallucination, nausea, fatigue and abnormal heart actions. The deficiency causes muscle pain and dry skin. The skin becomes pale and grey.

Symptoms Of Pyridoxine Deficiency

Depression Due To Vitamin B Deficiency

Pyridoxine deficiency causes symptoms like depression, irritability and convulsions. There can be insomnia, muscle twitching and dermatitis. The deficiency causes anemia and confusion. The mouth corners become cracked.

Symptoms Of Folate And Cyanocobalamin Deficiency

Tiredness Due To Vitamin B Deficiency

Folate deficiency causes weight loss, anemia and tiredness. The deficiency causes fatigue. Pregnant women who have folate deficiency have the danger of suffering from neural tube defects, due to which the child can have spina bifida. Cyanocobalamin deficiency causes tiredness, weight loss and anemia.

There can be depression, fatigue, smooth tongue and lack of appetite. The peripheral nerves become degenerated and this can cause paralysis.

5 Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms