Ways To Protect Yourself From Ebola Outbreak

Protect Yourself From Ebola Outbreak

The latest news of Ebola in African countries has surrendered people to panic. Recently who declared the democratic Republic of Congo as affected with Ebola after four deaths. So, it becomes mandatory to learn few things to protect ourselves from the dangerous deadly disease.

Ebola is also called Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a fatal disease whose origin is unknown. It is a viral fever said to be caused by Ebola viruses. The common symptoms are fever sore throat and muscular pain. The virus is usually spread by direct contact with the body fluids of infected animal or human.

One Can Prevent The Infection By Following Simple Steps Given Below:

1. Wash Your Hands Properly:

Wash your hand properly as soon as you come in contact with people outside. Wash your hands when you come back home after work using soap and warm water. It is always better to carry an alcoholic hand sanitizer in your bag. This will kill all types of microbes and viruses. Hand sanitizers are quite handy to carry as well.

Wash Your Hands Properly

2. Avoid Travelling To Infected Areas

Try to avoid travelling to areas where Ebola outbreak is declared. Government has however cancelled the flights and other modes of transport to infected places. If you need to travel to such areas because of work then you need to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation. Carry necessary protective clothing and other sanitation needs in case it is mandatory to travel.

 Avoid Travelling To Infected Areas

3. Avoid Contact With Infected People:

This is the most important precaution that one must follow, never come into contact with person infected with Ebola without any protection and especially their body fluids. In case you are supposed to work near the Ebola infected areas because of professional constraints then you need to take a protective suit, gloves, and face with you. If you feel an infected person might have used an area try to disinfect it properly. Always use safety precautions if you are going for an intercourse.

Avoid Contact With Infected People

4. Avoid Primate Meat

This is a common reason for infection. Ebola is spread by non humans or animals like primates which include monkeys, chimps, gorillas etc. in most of the developed countries primates meet is sold in markets which is very harmful as it is infectious. It is also believed that Ebola spread started from primates to humans.

Avoid Primate Meat

5. Watch The Symptoms

if you suspect that someone is infected with Ebola or you yourself feel that you can find the symptoms of Ebola then you need to contact for emergency medical support. You need to be aware of the symptoms which starts from sudden increase in temperature, muscular pains rashes and sore throat then its time for medical support. If you have any injuries or wounds uncovered then treat them with antiseptic lotion and cover it properly with bandage. Do not let your cuts and wounds open as they are prone to infection easily.
Watch The Symptoms

6. Do Not Touch Dead Bodies And Their Remains

the dead bodies and the remains of people died of Ebola contains potential infective viruses, hence do not handle them or touch them. Appropriate safety equipment and train people are available with the government to handle such situations.

Do Not Touch Dead Bodies And Their Remains

Follow the above procedures carefully if you would like to protect yourself from Ebola. Many scientists round the globe are trying to find a vaccine for Ebola virus. The results are yet to come.