Get Good Sleep With Vitamins


Get Good Sleep With Vitamins

Tired at the end of a meddlesome day, who does not want a restful, tranquil sleep? But for some, to get a good night’s sleep can be like a fight to win. Depression, overwork, hormonal changes, daytime sleep, caffeine, medications or medical conditions may be giving you disturbed sleep nights.A troubled sleep leaves you feeling glum and grumpy next day, apart from this sleeplessness can trigger other health problems also. Considering a nutritional approach to resolve the problem may help the system overcome this problem.

Get Good Sleep With Vitamins

Vitamin D

Vitamin D For Good Sleep

Our brain has vitamin D receptors all through the brain stem to manage our sleep patterns. With shortfall in vitamin D one gets a disturbed sleep and feels fatigued. This occurs due to the affect in pineal gland that can cascade sleep hormones called melatonin. Melatonin regulates sleep and wake patterns in human. Though we all know, sunlight is a principal source of vitamin D, but is it practical to sit in sunlight all day to soak up vitamin D? So rely on cod liver oil, fish, fortified cereals, soy products, fortified dairy products, eggs and mushrooms. Too much of vitamin D can be harmful as well. So, a recommended day’s dosage is 1000 IU’s per 25 lbs and should be taken during the mornings. You should consult a doctor before starting vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B For Good Sleep

Infact, not all the vitamin B components can work to improvise sleep quality, but vitamin B3, B6, B9 and B12 can be put to function for a sound sleep.

B3 Vitamin

B3 Vitamin For Good Sleep

B3 vitamin enhances the function of adrenal gland. Adrenal gland dysfunction causes depression and anxiety leading to insomnia. So the depression induced insomnia can be best treated with vitamin B3.

B6 Vitamin

B6 Vitamin Helps In Good Sleep

B6 is crucial in producing serotonin known to lower stress and help you sleep. Serotinin is an important neurotransmitter that is responsible for sleep prototypes in body. Higher doses of B6 may have damaging effects to brain, hence the permitted dosage of B6 vitamin per day is restricted to 50-100 milligrams.

B12 Vitamin
B12 Vitamin Helps In Good Sleep

Vitamin B2 is also vital for a good mental state, relieving stress and a flawless sleep. 25 milligrams of B12, supplement administered along with 100 milligrams of B5 can benefit sleep problems. The vitamin can also maintain stable physiological balance of sleeping and waking cycles and increase alertness.Get your daily B vitamin from the natural foods like liver, chili peppers, lentils, bananas, potatoes, oats, barley, wheat bran, avocado and salmon.

B9 Or Folic Acid

This vitamin helps producing serotonin associated with sleep, therefore deficiency in vitamin B9 can be directly linked to insomnia, particularly in old age people.
Folic Acid Helps In Good Sleep

Vitamin E

Oxidation or free radicals in body interfere with the sleep behaviors in people. Vitamin E is a strong anti-oxidant that is a proven neuro-protector of brain. Studies indicate that administration of vitamin E is an essential nutrient that can reduce free radicals and oxidative activity prominently in people suffering from restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. 400IU of vitamin E per day can improve sleep patterns considerably. Overuse of vitamin E can increase the risk of death, hence take the advice of a physician before taking vitamin E supplements peanuts, almonds, basil, oregano, apricots, olives and spinach are few vitamin E rich foods.

Vitamin E Helps In Good Sleep