5 Diet Treatment For Weak Hair


Diet Treatment For Weak Hair

The strength and beauty of your hair depend on a host of factors like good food and nutrition, mental health and well being, environment, usage of hair styling products, etc. Good food plays a major role in maintaining crowning glory. Somehow in our fast food controlled food culture we tend to consume inadequate amount of nutrition which is required for good hair.

Consequently, our hair turn dry, brittle and weak. The good news is that there are some easy to cook foods which when consumed on regular basis can help in changing the texture of our hair and can make them healthy, strong and beautiful.

Effective Diet for Healthy Hair


Eggs For Healthy Hair

Packed with protein, biotin, zinc, selenium, sulfur, iron and many other vitamins and minerals, eggs top our list of good foods for hair. Lack of iron or anemia is generally one of the major reasons behind hair fall among women of reproductive age. Biotin is another important nutrient which keeps hair lustrous and strong. Eggs contain both of them. You can eat eggs in many forms. Hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or omelet can be quickly made for a healthy breakfast.


Spinach For Healthy Hair

Spinach and other leafy green vegetables contain vitamin C, iron, beta carotene, folate and calcium. All these nutrients are very important for maintaining healthy hair. Beta carotene which turns into vitamin A in the body is basically important for proper functioning of all kind of cells. The other nutrients help in keeping scalp healthy and circulating sebum in the hair. You can easily make clear soups of these green leafy vegetables along with tomatoes for a fast and nutritious starter.


Lentils For Healthy Hair

All lentils are great source of amino acids which convert into protein in the body. Lentils make major protein source for vegetarians, vegans and non egg eaters. They are packed with iron, zinc and biotin as well. You can eat them as sprouts for a healthy and filling mid day snack or you can eat them with brown rice as a major meal of the day.


Walnuts are generally supposed to be a great food for brain but the researchers also believe that they make perfect food for hair also. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is generally found in fish and hence they make a great food for non fish eaters. They are also rich in other nutrients like copper, biotin and vitamin E. These vitamins and minerals help in protecting hair against sun damage. Snack on walnuts between meals for a hair healthy filling.

Walnuts For Healthy Hair

Cottage Cheese

High in protein and calcium along with B vitamins cottage cheese makes a perfect food for healthy hair. Eat it with whole wheat bread slices as a topping three times a week and find your hair getting beautiful.You can also eat cottage cheese as main course or as a mid day snack. Consuming these foods on a regular basis along with drinking 10 glasses of water and exercising daily can give you best hair of your lifetime. The need is to consume these foods on regular basis.

Cottage Cheese For Healthy Hair