Top 6 Home Remedies Of Amenorrhea


Home Remedies Of Amenorrhea Amenorrhea is a condition characterized by absence of menstrual periods in women. Sometimes young women who are either or studying may develop this condition due to stress. Pregnant or nursing mothers may also experience stop in their menses. In more serious cases it can turn out to be disorder of the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, or the ovaries.

Amenorrhea can be of two types namely – Primary Amenorrhea and Secondary Amenorrhea. Primary Amenorrhea sets in at the onset of puberty caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. Secondary Amenorrhea may occur in any woman of menstruating age characterized by sudden stop of menstrual cycle. Let us read about the Top 6 Home Remedies of Amenorrhea

Home Remedies Of Amenorrhea


Often a deficiency in may lead to absence of menses in women and anemia. This problem can be tackled by consuming iron rich foods in your daily diet.

Eat Iron Rich Foods

Some of the good sources of iron are green leafy vegetable such as spinach, broccoli, green turnip and parsley. Iron supplements can also be taken. But never fail to consult your physician for the dosage you will need.


Saffron has anti-oxidant properties and address the problem of Amenorrhea effectively. Boil water on medium flame adding a few strands of saffron in it. Once the mixture has boiled remove it from flame and allow it to cool. Drink 1 cup of this mixture everyday for a period of 7 days. It is ideal to follow the treatment one week before your period starts. Saffron flushes out toxins from the body, reduces stress levels and helps you sleep better.



Also referred to as vitex, chaste tree and agnus castus, Chateberry balances the hormone levels particularly estrogen and progesterone hormones that corrects irregularities in periods and improves fertility in women.

Take A Nutritious Diet

Often due to poor eating habits Amenorrhea has been found in working women. Hence it becomes extremely important to eat a well balanced nutritious diet that comprises of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, fiber in right amounts. Include plenty of whole grains and legumes, fruits, green vegetables, cereals, eggs, fish and lean meat in your diet. Drink low fat milk. For added benefits add a pinch of ginger or turmeric. But make sure to stay away from fried and fatty foods.

Lose Weight

Maintaining an ideal weight is important to prevent the risk of developing Amenorrhea. Weight loss helps your body to function normally and helps you to get your periods regularly.

lose your weight

While crash dieting and starving may lead to health problems combining right diet with daily exercise will help you to attain desired results.

Lead A Stress free Life

Avoid undertaking excessive phyical or mental work which is beyond your capacity. Stay away from negetive feelings by reducing stress and tension through regular practice if exercise and yoga. Refrain from smoking, alcohol and use of narcotics. Avoid fasting or overeating. Limit the use of contraceptives and avoid frequent sexual intercourse.