Top 5 Home Remedies For Postpartum Depression


Postpartum Depression Also termed as postnatal depression, this disease is generally seen in women and sometimes in men, typically after childbirth. Symptoms often encompass sadness, ‘feeling down’, abrupt changes in sleeping and eating patterns, fatigue, anxiety, irritability and other symptoms, which are generally signs of classical depression.

Postpartum depression (PPD) is not particularly well-known; hence it is a bit difficult to treat. This disease being a very vague and complex one, whose mechanisms, are not yet fully known. Some natural and herbal remedies that can be easily available or prepared at home are given as follows.

Home Remedies For Postpartum Depression:

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium requirement of pregnant and breastfeeding women is 1200 mg per day. A glass of milk contains 300 mg of Ca.

Calcium Rich Foods

The best sources of calcium are milk and milk products; dark green leafy vegetables, fish like salmon and sardine with bone; beans; sesame and almond seeds and also if available tofu.

Iron Rich Foods

Iron deficiency is the most common deficiency disease in the world. Pregnant women are much more prone to this complication than other people. Though requirement is dependent on an individual’s growth and need, pregnant women require at least 27 mg per day.

Iron rich foods

Dietary sources of iron are meat, eggs, fortified cereals, poultry, oatmeal, baked beans, peas and blueberries. Animal iron sources are absorbed more readily, however plant sources are advised to be consumed as well. It is also advisable to take iron supplements to make up for any deficiency.

Sea Foods

This is a type of fatty acid essential for normal brain functions. As the body can’t manufacture its own, it has to depend on the diet. Countries having high rate of fish consumption, express much less tendencies of depression, especially postpartum depression. It has been seen that omega-3 fatty acids along with antidepressants is more effective than the antidepressants themselves.

Sea-fishes like salmon, sardines and anchovies are the richest source. So is cod liver oil. Instead of the whole fish, fish oil capsules are encouraged to be consumed as they are less harmful. They are available in drug stores and can even be ordered online. Side-effects include indigestion and bleeding. Ii is not recommended two weeks before or after any sort of surgery.

Folic Acid

It is very readily available in green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans and other fortified grains. It is the most common of deficiencies resulting from a poor diet, but also a side-effect of various medications like aspirin, birth-control pills.

green leafy vegetables rich in folic acid

Studies have revealed that antidepressants taken with folates are much more effective than when taken singly.

Nuts And Green Vegetables

Postpartum depression, is related to a number of factors. Since, any pregnancy is a huge nutritional drain of both the mind and body, it is very much essential to eat properly immediately after pregnancy. A good breakfast would be unsweetened muesli with natural yoghurt, along with nuts and raw seeds.


A proper meal can also be made out of a piece of fish, with salad or green vegetables, or potatoes and brown rice. In between meals snacks of fresh fruits and raw nuts, is also advisable. Nuts can be very helpful in curing Postpartum Depression and hence they are preferred by many doctors worldwide