The 8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Potatoes

Amazing Health Benefits Of Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most widely grown and easily found vegetables in the world. They are quite affordable as compared to other vegetables. Due to their taste and versatility, kids also love to eat them, who are usually fussy towards eating vegetables. However, it’s not just the amazing taste and the ease of cooking them in different ways that makes them the most popular vegetable; potatoes have some amazing health benefits which remains understated and unknown to many. Although, it contains a high level of starch there are many other essential nutrients present in potatoes. It contains vitamins, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and dietary fiber.

In This Article Let Us Explore Some Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Potatoes:

1. Improves Digestion

Potatoes are mainly made up of carbohydrates which are easy to digest and also improves digestion [1]. Potato is ideal for babies or those who require energy but have difficulty with “hard to digest” food. The dietary fiber in potatoes induces bowel movement and helps in secretion of digestive enzymes that helps in improving the digestive track.

 Improves Digestion

2. Effective In Skin Care

Potatoes are very effective as a natural ailment for skin problems, especially in removing blemishes and dark circles under the eyes [2]. It has all the necessary components in it like Vitamin B- Complex and Vitamin-C, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and much more that are required for a healthy and glowing skin. The juice of a freshly grated potato is very good for skin.

Effective in skin care

3. Helps In Weight Management

A 100 gm of potato contains about 77 calories intake. However, it has zero fats [3]. Therefore, potatoes result in weight gain only when a person’s calorie intake is more that what is expended. As it does not contain protein, it can be used by under-weight and very lean people to gain weight through increased carbohydrate intake. It is the preferred food of athletes, especially the wrestlers who need to retain energy levels while burning them off.

Helps in weight management

4. Provides Relief From Rheumatism

Potatoes are rich in magnesium and potassium which are very effective in the treatment of arthritis [4]. They are excellent remedies for pain or inflammation caused from arthritis. However, potatoes should be taken in moderation. They also contain high amount of carbohydrate and starch, which are associated with weight gain.

Provides relief from rheumatism

5. Reduces Inflammation:

Potatoes aid in lowering down inflammation, caused externally as well as internally. It is especially effective in reducing any stomach inflammation related to the digestive system [5]. Being enriched with Vitamin-C which is a powerful antioxidant, potatoes soothes the affected area and reduces inflammation. If anyone has mouth ulcer, potatoes are the ideal food, firstly because of the relief from inflammation and secondly because cooked or boiled potatoes are soft and easy to eat and digest.

 Reduces Inflammation

6. Safeguards Against Cancer:

Potatoes especially red potatoes contain cancer preventing properties [6]. They contain flavonoids which is a strong antioxidant, found also in green tea. It also contain carotenes and zeaxanthin, which help in providing protection against the formation of cancer.

Safeguards Against Cancer

7. Helps In Regulating Blood Pressure:

Potatoes are used to regulate the level of pressure in blood, especially the one related to tension [7]. It is also high on potassium which is very helpful in lowering the blood pressure. Moreover, potatoes help in breaking down the cholesterol and prevent them from blocking the arteries.

 Helps In Regulating Blood Pressure

8. Heals scurvy:

Proper intake of Vitamin-C is a preventive step towards avoiding the risk of the disease scurvy [8]. It is caused due to Vitamin-C deficiency which is characterized by viral diseases, cracked and chapped lips and bleeding gums. However, the disease has been eradicated from most of the countries, although, there are still incidents of its occurrence.

Heals scurvy