7 DIY Parsley Face Masks To Combat Dark Spots On Your Face

7 DIY Parsley Face Masks To Combat Dark Spots On Your Face

Dark spots are a bane of your skin’s outer appearance. They leave an indelible mark on your self esteem by ruining your appearance. However, if you take the course of nature to find a remedy you’ll be amazed to find many ingredients which can help in erasing those ugly spots. In fact, there are many edible herbs that double up as  beauty enhancers when applied on skin. Parsley is one of those little known herbs that are beneficial in erasing dark spots from your skin. It contains significant amounts of vitamin C which, when applied topically, helps in clearing blemishes, pigmentation marks or dark spots from your face.

And not just dark spots, parsley is extremely effective in healing damaged or acne prone skin and reducing puffiness from face as well by regulating sebum production and drawing out toxins from skin’s surface. You can very easily tap into the many benefits of parsley for your dark spot prone skin by using it in face masks.

7 DIY Parsley Face Masks To Combat Dark Spots On Your Face:

1. Parsley And Yoghurt Face Mask:

This is a perfect anti-dark spots mask for people with acne prone skin as apart from their incredible skin lightening properties, both yoghurt and parsley are excellent natural astringents and are a great fix for acne marks. Blend half a cup of yoghurt with a bunch of chopped parsley and half a teaspoon of powdered rose petals in a blender into a fine paste. Cleanse your face and neck thoroughly and apply a thin layer of the mask all over your face and neck.

Since parsley has an ability to lessen the appearance of under eye circles you may apply this mask on that region as well. Give the mask five to ten minutes to work its magic on your face and then rinse it away by splashing your face with cold water a couple of times.

Parsley And Yoghurt Face Mask

2. Parsley And Apple Vinegar Face Mask:

This is another extremely effective mask for diminishing dark spots for acne prone skin. It contains apple cider vinegar, a great astringent and exfoliant and when it is applied with parsley leaves on skin, the dark spot fading ability manifolds and result in a speck free complexion.

Pound three tablespoons of freshly chopped parsley leaves into a fine paste. Blend this paste with two tablespoons of pure apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey. Smear this concoction on your face and neck using a clean make up brush. Let the mask dry for five minutes and then remove with a couple of splashes of cold water.

Parsley And Apple Vinegar Face Mask

3. Parsley And Papaya Face Mask:

Papaya has certain antioxidants and enzymes that render itself as a great skin exfoliant. It gently sloughs away dead skin from its surface without irritating it. Mixing papaya paste with parsley helps in clearing any spots or blemishes from skin and restores moisture in the skin. Grind two tablespoons of chopped parsley leaves into a fine paste and then mix it with two tablespoons of papaya paste.

Add a teaspoon of rose water and blend the contents well using a fork. Cover your entire face with this mask and give it five minutes to work on your skin. Wash off the mask with cold water. This mask can be used twice a week at the most.

Parsley And Papaya Face Mask

4. Parsley and Tomato Face Mask:

Tomato is a widely accepted remedy for dark spots due to its high vitamin A and magnesium content and combining it with parsley paste enhances its ability to erase dark spots from skin. Cut the tomato into two sections. Using a spoon, scoop out the pulp with the juice from both the sections and transfer it into a small bowl.

Grind parsley leaves finely and blend the paste with the tomato pulp and milk powder with a fork. Spread the mask on your face and wait for five minutes before removing it. Follow up with a few splashes of cold water to rid your face of every trace of the mask.

Parsley and Tomato Face Mask

5. Parsley And Cucumber Face Mask:

This is an extremely soothing and hydrating mask for diminishing dark spots. Cucumber is known as an excellent coolant for skin. It lightens the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation marks on skin by removing any dead skin on its surface. applying it with parsley paste results in a spot free complexion. Put chopped cucumber pieces and parsley leaves in a blender and blend into a fine paste.

Pour the blended mixture into a small bowl and add aloe vera gel and stir the contents with a fork . Apply the mask onto clean face and wait for five to eight minutes. When the mask starts to dry rinse it off with cold water.

Parsley And Cucumber Face Mask

6. Parsley And Raw Potato Face Mask:

This is a wonderful mask for erasing dark spots for all skin types. potato has an enzyme called, catocholase which is responsible for its skin bleaching action. When combined with parsley and applied on skin, the bleaching action of the mask gets a boost and gives you a clear and radiant complexion. Peel and wash the potato and then grate it. Carefully place the grated potato along with its juice in a bowl. Pound parsley leaves into a fine paste and add this paste over the grated potato.

Sprinkle half a teaspoon of milk powder over this and mix all the contents well with a spoon. Take a spoon full of the mask in your hand and spread it over your whole face. Allow the mask to stay for five minutes and then wipe it off with a tissue. Splash your face with cold water to clean it.

Parsley And Raw Potato Face Mask

7. Parsley And Strawberry Face Mask:

Give your face a fruity boost with this strawberry mask. Strawberries are loaded with ellagic acid that helps in reducing the appearance of dark spots. Apply it with ground parsley leaves and see your skin getting clearer and fairer in few weeks time. Wash the strawberries and slice off their tops. Mash the strawberries with a fork until smooth.

Grind parsley leaves and blend the paste with mashed strawberries. Drizzle honey over the parsley and strawberry paste and mix it well. Apply the mask over your face and allow it to sit for five minutes. Wipe the mask with a tissue and splash your face with cold water afterwards.

Parsley And Strawberry Face Mask