7 Home Remedies For Tiredness


Home Remedies For Tiredness

Tiredness is a common problem that affects many people. Most people sleep less and spend more time in the workplace. If you sleep for less than 8 hours, it can cause tiredness. It is important to give time for activities like reading books, bike rides and eating healthy food. Tiredness can be due to emotional reasons or it can be due to physical reasons.Emotional tiredness affects the mind and occurs due to stress when there is a stress to meet deadlines at the workplace. Emotional tiredness can be due to sudden death of your parents. Physical tiredness occurs when you do physical exertion in activities like gardening. Tiredness makes you feel lethargic and it can be resolved only through rest and relaxation. Home remedies can help in curing tiredness. Some of the best home remedies for tiredness are as follows.

Home Remedies For Tiredness


Coffee For Tiredness

If you have tiredness, you should drink coffee. Coffee helps in simulating the brain and increasing mental alertness. It is an effective remedy for tiredness. It does not harm to drink coffee if you take it in moderation. Avoid consuming excess amount of coffee as it can cause anxiety and insomnia.


Eggs For Tiredness Relief

If you want to cure tiredness, you should eat eggs. You can eat one egg daily. You can eat egg in any form. Eggs contain many essential nutrients like protein and Iron. Eggs contain Vitamin A and riboflavin. They are a rich source of folic acid and pantothenic acid. These nutrients provide energy and help in curing tiredness.


Potato For Tiredness Relief

Soak slices of unpeeled potato in water. Keep it overnight. Next morning, drink the water. The water in which you have soaked the potato is rich in potassium and functions like a natural tonic. Potassium helps in the transmission of nerve impulses. It also helps in movements of muscles. This remedy will help in curing tiredness.

Energy Drinks

Carrot Juice Reduce Tiredness

Energy drinks can help in curing tiredness. You can drink carrot juice. It helps in increasing the energy levels. You can mix one-tablespoon apple cider vinegar to apple juice and drink it twice daily. The vinegar should be raw.


Exercise can help in curing tiredness. You should exercise daily for half an hour. If you find it difficult to exercise daily, you should exercise at least for 3 days per week. When you go for work, take stairs for going to the office. Do aerobics or join a dance class. Do walking and stretching. You can join a local gym. You can do yoga, pilates and Tai chi. Exercise helps in releasing endorphins, which will make you feel better. It increases physical and mental strength so that you can face the challenges of life in a better way. Exercise increases the energy levels and helps in having a good sleep.

Exercise Reduce Tiredness

Weight Loss

Weight loss can help in curing the feeling of tiredness. You should try to shed few pounds from your body. Extra body fat increases the feeling of tiredness. Do not aim at huge and sudden weight loss as it can cause harm. Try to reduce the weight in a slow manner. Ensure that you are getting proper nutrition while you are reducing weight.

Weight Loss To Reduce Tiredness

Essential Oils

Essential oils help in curing tiredness. Taking bath with essential oils helps in relaxing the body. Mix 3 drops of essential oils in the bathwater. You can use essential oils like grapefruit. You can also use lavender essential oil. Add the oil to the bathwater and have bath with this water. Do not take bath with essential oils every day.

Essential Oils To Reduce Tiredness