9 Home Remedies For Puffy Under Eyes


Home Remedies For Puffy Under Eyes Do you wakeup in the morning with swollen puffy eyesand look tired and bloated? Though lack of sleep is the most common cause of puffiness under the eyes, but it isn’t always the cause of puffy eyes. The skin around the eyes is highly sensitive due to its thinness and tiny blood vessels.

Irritation, allergies, dehydration, stress, heredity, hormonal fluctuation, fluid retention and use of medication often leads to fluid buildup around this area and gives this sensitive area a puffy look.

There are a number of home remedies that you can use to soothe your tired puffy eyes, but if you are getting puffy eyes due to some other reason and not only because of lack of sleep, treating the underlying problem is also necessary along with establishing a good sleeping pattern. Home remedies often works better than eye kits and expensive creams available in the market for minimizing the puffiness of the eyes.

Home Remedies For Puffy Under Eyes

Since the eye area is very sensitive, you need to be cautious before applying these remedies, even if they are completely natural. Just perform a skin test by placing a small amount of ingredient on your forearm or wrist. If you feel any kind of irritation or redness, just wash the area and look for some other option.


Cucumber For Puffy Under Eyes Cucumber is a very well-known and popular remedy for rejuvenating puffy eyes. Due to its high water content and astringent properties, cucumber can constrict the blood vessels and reduce under eye swelling.Sit or lie down in a relaxed position; lean your head back and place a thick slice of cold cucumber dipped in ice cold water on each of your eyes for at least ten minutes. You will get instant relief from puffy eyes.

Cold Water

Cold Water For Puffy Under Eyes On a working day, when you get up with puffy eyes and you have hardly 30 minutes to get ready, relax your eyes with cold water treatment. Simply rinse your eyes with splashes of cold water.The cold water will help to constrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness. If possible, repeat this process several times a day.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Puffy Under Eyes Green or black or any herbal caffeinated tea bags can bring relief from irritated puffy eyes by constricting the blood vessels. Herbal teas like chamomile are very good in reducing inflammation and redness of the eyes as they contain anti-irritants.Steep two teabags in hot water for at least 2-3 minutes, wait until the bags are comfortable enough to touch and then place them on both the eyes after leaning the head backward and closing the eyes.You can also moisten the tea bags in cold water or keep in refrigerator during hot weather and apply on your eyes when your eyes are tired and puffy.


Strawberry is another effective option for treating your swollen puffy eyes. Cool strawberry in your refrigerator. Strawberries contain alpha-hydroxyl which will not only reduces swelling but also make the skin of this area smooth and make your eyes appear bright.Take fresh refrigerated strawberries, remove the tops and place them under the eyes for 5 minutes after slicing them. After removing them, wash your face and apply a moisturizer.

Strawberry Reduce Puffy Under Eyes Potato

Potato starch works as an anti-inflammatory agent and soothes the irritated eyes. Make poultice after finely grating a potato and placing the pulp in a clean cloth and folding it.  Place this poultice on the puffy eyes for 4-5 minutes to find relief.

Potato Reduce Puffy Under Eyes Olive Oil and Tea Bag

Keep the tea bags in refrigerator for chilling. First apply olive oil using cotton balls on your eye lids.  Now place the chilled tea bags under your eyes after lying down in a relaxed position.  Remove the tea bags after five minutes and wash your face as usual.This treatment will bring a soothing effect on your irritated puffy under eyes.

Olive Oil Reduce Puffy Under Eyes Egg Whites and Witch-Hazel

Beat 1 or 2 egg whites until stiff, add 3-4 drops of witch-hazel in the whipped egg to avoid egg whites from drying fast and apply underneath the eyes with the help of a brush or washcloth. This will help to tighten up the skin around the eye area and puffiness will disappear.

Egg Whites Reduce Puffy Under Eyes Cold Milk

Cold milk is a great soother for your tired puffy eyes, take chilled milk in a bowl and lie down with your eyes closed. Keep a towel beneath your head. Place milk soaked cotton balls under the eyes.  Do this for 10-15 minutes. This will soothe your eyes and under eye area and bring relief from puffiness.

Cold Milk Reduce Puffy Under Eyes Stay Hydrated

You can get puffy eyes when your body is not getting enough water. When your body is dehydrated, it causes swelling and water retention by holding on any water it receives. So keep your body adequately hydrated to avoid under eye puffiness. However, try to avoid caffeinated soda water and soft drinks.Most often poor diet, lack of sleep excessive drinking causes puffiness under eyes.  So, eat a healthy, anti-oxidant rich diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

drink water