13 Home Remedies For Kidney Stones


Kidneys play a crucial role in keeping your body healthy. They process toxins, wash out waste products through urine and filter impurities from blood. Because of kidney stones, the entire process gets affected.

Kidney Stones

As a result, it can block the urine flow and cause severe stomach pain. Luckily, there are several home remedies that can be very beneficial in treating kidney stones. Following is a brief rundown on them.

13 Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Increase Your Fluid Intake

When it comes to treating kidney stones naturally, the first step is to increase your fluid intake. You must drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. The larger this quantity, the faster will be the relief you will get.It is quite okay if you are drinking more than your fill. The basic idea behind this remedy is to allow your body to produce around 40-45 ounce of urine daily.When you drink lots of fluid, especially water, it dissolves stones, which eventually come out through urine. It is the safest and possibly the most effective natural way to treat kidney stones.


Basil Juice Or Tea

Taking pure basil juice everyday can also accelerate the process of recovery. The chances of expulsion of stones through the urinary tract are much higher this way.Because of its wonderful natural ability to treat kidney related diseases, basal tea is also popularly referred to as kidney tonifier. Since it does not carry any side effects, you can take it throughout the day.It will keep your kidney healthy. However, when it comes to treating kidney stones specifically, a very effective home remedy is to take one teaspoon of raw honey mixed with an equal quantity of pure basil juice every day. Follow this remedy regularly for 5-6 months.


Celery Seed

Celery seed is considered as a wonderful kidney tonic and a very effective diuretic. The formation of kidney stones can be prevented quite effectively by using celery seed as a tea or a spice in food items regularly.

celery seeds

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice carries a wide array of health benefits, but it can specifically be very beneficial in treating kidney stones.Therefore, you are advised to drink juice of freshly squeezed pomegranates daily for faster recovery. In addition to that, you can also consider eating organic pomegranates.

Pomegranate juice

Horsetail Tea

Another great way to soothe the discomforts caused by kidney stones is to take two grams of horsetail tea in the form of capsules every day. Alternatively, you can also drink three to four cups of horsetail tea at least once every day.

Horsetail Tea

Kidney Beans

Remove the beans from their pods and boil them in purified hot water for 5-6 hours. Strain the liquid using cheese cloth. Let it cool down at normal room temperature.The pain caused by kidney stones can be relieved quite effectively by drinking this liquid throughout the day. Try to finish the liquid in one day. Do not use it after twenty hours.

Kidney Beans

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is another wonderful kidney cleanser and tonic. For effective results, you can consider taking around 500mg of dandelion root two times a day.

Dandelion Root

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil And Lemon Juice

Drinking a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice is one of the most popular home remedies for kidney stones. It can be very effective in relieving the stomach pain caused by stone formation in kidneys.You can prepare this kidney tonic by mixing one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with twelve ounces of purified water. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze its juice in the mixture. Drink this tonic every hour.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil And Lemon Juice

Foods Rich In Vitamin A, Especially Carrots

For healthy kidneys, doctors always recommend to eat food products that contain high amount of vitamin A. Such foods may include carrots, broccoli, winter squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Carrots, in particular, can provide your body a good quantity of kidney-friendly nutrients.


Whole Wheat Bread

Magnesium supplements are considered to be a great way to remove kidney stones, especially in those people who are affected with recurrent kidney stones. Eating 2-3 slices of whole wheat bread daily can be a good home remedy because they can easily fulfill the recommended intake of magnesium.As per various studies, in over 93% cases, the problem of kidney stones was cured completely just by getting an adequate amount of magnesium daily either through foods or nutritional supplements.


Bran Flakes

Bran flakes are a great natural source for fiber, which can be very effective in making your urine free from oxalate and calcium. As a result, the risks of kidney stones can be minimized to a great extent.Those who already have it can experience faster recovery. You can get 8 mg of fiber just by eating a bowl of bran flakes. So, consider including it in your diet plan.

Bran Flakes

Avoid Foods That Provide Oxalates In Large Quantity

It is true that vegetables and fruits are a great source for lots of beneficial nutrients, minerals and vitamins, but it is also important to note that many of them can provide excess quantities of oxalates to your body.Such foods usually include wheat bran, tea, strawberries, spinach, peanuts, parsley, nuts, cola, coffee, chocolate and beets. However, you are advised to talk to your doctor about these foods. Your doctor may allow you to eat some of them in a very limited quantity depending upon your specific medical condition.


Limit Your Salt Intake

The amount of your salt intake also plays a crucial role when it comes to treating kidney stones. You must cut down your salt intake. Do not take more than two grams of salt in a day.However, it is important for you to understand that the basic idea is to cut down the sodium intake only. There are low-sodium salt available in the market, which you may like to use, but only after consulting with your doctor. Your doctor will guide you better in this regard.

Last, but not the least, you must also follow a healthy diet plan because eating unhealthy foods have been found to be the major reason for stone formation in kidneys.