5 Home Remedies For Fibrillation


Home Remedies For Fibrillation Atrial fibrillation is a condition in which the heart rate becomes very fast and irregular, due to which there is poor blood supply to body parts. The atrial chambers of heart have chaotic beating with loss of coordination with ventricle chambers. Patients who have fibrillation suffer from palpitations, low blood pressure, confusion, chest pain and weakness.There can be shortness of breath and light headedness. If you have fibrillation, you should eat foods that are good for the health of heart. You should quit smoking. You must use home remedies for curing the problem of fibrillation. The following home remedies for fibrillation have been found to be useful in treating the condition.

Home Remedies For Fibrillation

Avoid Salt, Fatty Foods, Caffeine And Alcohol

Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol For Fibrillation Take a diet that has fewer amounts of sodium and salt. Use of excess salt can increase the blood pressure, so you should avoid it. You can substitute salt with some other things and season the food with fresh herbs. Take foods that are low in fat. Take alcohol and caffeinated drinks in limited amounts.

Protein And Minerals

Protein And Minerals For Fibrillation People who have fibrillation should take a diet that has high amount of protein and minerals. The diet should contain high amount of magnesium and potassium. These nutrients will help in preventing heart problems like fibrillation. Some foods that are rich in protein are turkey breast, cheese, cottage cheese, tuna, salmon, tofu, beans, yogurt, milk, peanuts, almonds, soymilk, pumpkin seeds, eggs and halibut. Some foods that contain magnesium are spinach, figs, pumpkin seeds, banana, mackerel, beans, soybeans, brown rice, quinoa, millet, avocados, non-fat yogurt and dark chocolate. Some foods that contain potassium are spinach, baked potato, white beans, mushrooms, dried apricots, non-fat yogurt, salmon, avocados and bananas. You should include these foods in the diet.

Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress For Fibrillation Research has shown that psychological stress can trigger episodes of fibrillation. We have to face stress in our daily life and it affects our health adversely. Patients who suffer from fibrillation should develop awareness of stress and if they feel that they have stress, they should take steps to fight and control it so that it does not cause damage to the health.

You should communicate with other people in your life about your needs. If you cannot solve problems of your life, you should seek medical help. Consult a doctor about the worries, fear and depression that may be affecting you. Relax yourself by attending pleasant events and engaging in fun activities. Relax yourself by doing breathing exercises.

Do Exercises

Do Exercises For Fibrillation If you have fibrillation, you should do regular exercises. Ensure that the exercise you choose is safe for you. You can do this by consulting a doctor before doing exercises. Choose the right physical activity that suits your capability and physical state. Exercises help in uplifting the mood and inducing positive attitude. It will help you in sleeping well as it balances the biological rhythms. Exercise will also help in controlling weight and avoiding obesity.

Do Yoga

Do Yoga For Fibrillation If you have fibrillation, you should do yoga. Research has shown that people who do regular yoga have fewer attacks of fibrillation. You can do yoga for one hour two times in a week. Continue doing yoga for three months. Yoga will improve the quality of your life. It will help in curing depression and anxiety, which are common problems faced by fibrillation patients. Yoga is very useful for curing fibrillation.

5 Home Remedies For Fibrillation