Five Best Herbal Remedies For Episcleritis


`Herbal Remedies For Episcleritis

Episcleritis is an eye disorder that is characterised by inflammation and redness of a part of eye, known as the episclera. Although the real reason behind the development of the disorder is not known, doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to treat the condition.

However, shifting to herbal remedies can provide an all-round support to the eyes, to help the patient get healed faster. Other than that, these herbs also help to maintain an overall healthy vision by boosting blood circulation to the eyes and protecting them from free radicals and stress.

Best Herbal Remedies For Episcleritis


Bilberry For Episcleritis

Bilberry is one of the most popularly used and trusted herbal remedies for eye health. These sweet, extremely tasty berries have been found to be highly effective for fighting various types of eye diseases, including episcleritis. Anthocyanosides present in bilberries are the components which are mainly responsible for it being a vision and eye protecting herb.

It is believed that these chemical compounds bestow upon these berries the power to improve blood circulation to the eye capillaries, thereby keeping ocular problems like episcleritis at bay. Other than that, bilberries are also known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, the reason being why bilberries can be easily used in replacement of NSAIDs, the only medications that doctors prescribe to help the patient deal with the symptoms of episcleritis.


Eyebright For Episcleritis

Eyebright is an herbaceous plant, which is primarily popular for its effectiveness against blood shot eyes, conjunctivitis and all other types of eye problems. Eyebright as its name suggests has the capability to treat any kinds of eye diseases, which also includes episcleritis.

Since inflammation and pain and redness of eyes are some of the most prominent symptoms of episcleritis, anti-inflammatory properties help to deal with the problem in the best possible ways. Eyebright’s benefits can be reaped by using it to prepare a soothing eyewash. Washing the eyes regularly with eyebright eyewash not only helps to heal the condition faster, but also prevents secondary bacterial infection of the eyes.


Rue To Reduce Episcleritis

Although rue has remained a prominent herb in the ancient times, its usage has declined due to its toxicity and bitter taste. However, rue is one of those herbs, which have been bestowed with the power to deal with eye problems like epscleritis. Rudin, a type of chemical found in rue is mainly responsible for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Rue not only protects the eyes but also strengthens them by improving the blood circulation to the capillaries around the eyes. Applying rue compress over inflamed and blood shot eyes helps to deal with both the redness and the associated pain and inflammation.

Green Tea

Green tea is renowned for its antioxidant properties, which is also the reason behind its effectiveness in treating eye disorders. An eye wash prepared with green tea can serve as a calming and soothing remedy, which is also believed to be able to reduce pain, inflammation and redness that occur as a result of episcleritis.  Green tea being a natural COX-2 inhibitor acts in as much the same way as NSAIDs and therefore has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Other than that, green tea also helps to keep other eye problems at bay by improving the blood circulation to the blood capillaries around the eyes.

Green Tea To Reduce Episcleritis


Calendula is a very well-known herb, who’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are wide accepted and acclaimed. Calendula can be used to prepare very soothing eyewash, which being loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, helps to treat the tremendous pain and inflammation associated with episcleritis. Additionally, this herb has also been found to be capable of strengthening the capillaries around the eyes by boosting the blood circulation, which in turn helps to keep eye problems away.

Calendula To Reduce Episcleritis