10 Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Face


Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Face Some people have dry skin. Dryness on skin is first and mainly noticed on face and neck because most part of the body remains covered under the garments.Dry facial skin is unattractive and not charming at all. Dry skin has some advantages, such as it generally does not have the problem of acne and pimples. But the age marks and wrinkles appear on skin very early. Dry skin on face should be treated with utmost care otherwise you may look old quite early. This article will inform you about some home remedies to treat dry skin.

Home Remedies For Dry Skin On Face


Milk For Dry Skin On Face Milk is a good, natural product to treat the dry skin. Take some chilled butter milk. Soak one cotton ball in it and rub it against your skin to remove dirt and grease from the skin without removing the natural oil of the skin.

Lentil Powder And Milk

Lentil Powder For Dry Skin On Face Mix some lentil powder and milk to make a smooth paste. Apply that on your face and neck. Wait till it gets dry. Then rub it to remove dirt and oil.

Ground Nut And Coconut Water

Coconut Water For Dry Skin On Face Soak some ground nut overnight in water. Then grind it to make a smooth paste.  Mix some coconut water in it. Apply that on your face and neck. Leave it for an hour so that the skin gets nourishment from it.


Almond is an excellent product for dry skin. Soak some almonds in milk overnight. Then grind it into smooth paste.Mix few drops of milk in it and apply a thick layer of it on your face and neck. Wait for and hour so that vitamin C of almond gets absorbed by your skin.

Almond For Dry Skin On Face Egg And Honey

Take I spoon honey. Beat the egg and take only the yellow portion. Mix these two things. Apply it on your dry face regularly. You will get benefit.

Egg And Honey For Dry Skin On Face Ripe Papaya

Take some ripe papaya. Mash it and apply it on your face daily. It will help to cure dryness of skin and will keep the age marks of skin at bay.

Ripe Papaya For Dry Skin On Face Coconut Cream

Grate some coconut and extract the thick cream from it. Massage that cream on your face and wait for sometime. Then wash your skin with plain and cold water. You will get benefit.

Coconut Cream For Dry Skin On Face Oil Treatment

Oil treatment is very effective for dry skin. Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. are very effective oil to make your dry skin oily. Massage these oil allover your body daily. Give special importance on face and neck. After massaging, wash your skin with plain water and wipe it dry with soft towel.

Olive Oil For Dry Skin On Face Yogurt And Cucumber

Yogurt and cucumber is a good combination to treat the dry skin of your face. Grate a cucumber and extract the juice. Mix it in yogurt and apply that on your face. Leave it to dry. Wash with plain water. See the shine of the skin.

Yogurt For Dry Skin On Face Other Care

Restrict the use of the soap. Stay away from citrus fruits like lemon or lime because these fruits make your skin drier. They are appropriate for oily skin. Do not rub your skin harshly in the time of scrubbing or making it dry. Add few drops of extra oil while cooking your food. Drink plenty of water.These are few effective home remedies for dry skin on face. go through it and follow these tips to get the benefit.

Water For Dry Skin On Face