7 Home Remedies For Dandruff


Home Remedies For Dandruff Dandruff is a common problem. It is not at all fatal but it is embarrassing. Our scalp itches and white snow like flakes cover our hair and create an embarrassing situation.Causes of dandruff can be many – weak health, lack of hygiene, oily scalp, too much use of cosmetics and many more. If you do not treat it properly and in time, dandruff problem will gear up other hair problems such as hair fall, graying and thing of hair, etc. too. This article will help you to take some necessary home remedies to cure the dandruff effectively.

Home Remedies For Dandruff


Lemon Reduce Dandruff Lemon is a very effective natural product to cure dandruff effectively. Squeeze one lemon and extract the juice. Mix some water with it. Part your hair and massage this lemon juice on your scalp in a round about way. Leave it for an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.It is better to leave the lemon juice on your scalp overnight if you can. Practice this method at least once in a week to get the result. Within few days your hair will be dandruff free.

Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek Seed Reduce Dandruff Fenugreek is another very effective product to cure dandruff properly. Soak a tablespoon fenugreek seeds in water overnight to get soft. Grind them to make a smooth paste. Apply that paste on your scalp and leave it for an hour or two. Then wash your hair.

You may or may not use shampoo after applying the fenugreek paste. Practice this method at least twice daily to get the quick result. Fenugreek removes dandruff completely. You can use fenugreek in another way. Take some fenugreek and boil them in water for a long time. Then strain the water and wash your hair with this water everyday to get rid of dandruff.

Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves Reduce Dandruff Neem leaves has antibacterial and antifungal property. Crush few fresh neem leaves and extract the juice. Mix it with coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. You will get benefit.

Basil Leaves And Yogurt

Basil Leaves And Yogurt Reduce Dandruff Basil leaves also have antifungal properties. Crush few basil leaves and mix it with a spoon full yogurt. Mix properly and then apply that on your scalp. Apply that every alternate day to get the relief.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment is very effective to cure dandruff properly. Mix olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil in same ratio. Make the oil hot. Then make the hot oil on your scalp in a roundabout way.Cover your head with a thick towel so that the oil will get absorbed in the skin. After massaging your scalp comb your hair to remove the dandruff. Keep it overnight. Then shampoo your hair next day. Use hot oil treatment at last once in a week to get the better result.

Hot Oil Treatment Reduce Dandruff Snake Gourd Juice

Juice of snake gourd is effective to remove the dandruff effectively. Peel and grate snake gourd and extract the juice. Massage the juice on your scalp to get benefit.

Snake Gourd Juice Reduce Dandruff Beet Root Juice

Juice of beet root is also effective to cure the dandruff. In this case white beet is better than the purple one. Grate the beet and extract the juice. Massage the juice on your skin to get the relief from dandruff.These are few effective home remedies of dandruff. Follow these and get a dandruff free hair.

Beet Root Juice Reduce Dandruff