6 Home Remedies For Arthritis


Home Remedies For Arthritis Arthritis can simply be defined as an inflammation of the joints or any part of the body. This health ailment has become a very common problem is men and women equally. Definitely arthritis is a cause of worry and has serious implications on health and joint movements.

Medications and professional help is a must where arthritis is concerned. However, if you adhere to some home remedies along with it you can heal the problem faster as well as reduce the symptoms considerably.

Some of the major causes of arthritis include obesity and overweight, genetic factors, aging, stress on the muscles and joints, improper eating habits, bas posture, cold environment and many more. Also, it would be important for you to know that arthritis can be categorized into different types it’s are generally marked by swelling, severe pain, redness in the area, stiffness and even fever in many cases

Home Remedies For Arthritis

Olive Oil Massage

Olive Oil For Arthritis One of the most effective remedies for arthritis is to massage the areas gently with a little warm olive oil. This will not only reduce the swelling but also give instant comfort from pain. Regular application of this method will also improve the movement of the joints gradually and help in curing the problem.

Foods Good For Arthritis

Foods For Arthritis There are some food items and fruits and vegetables that are considered as a perfect medication for treating the symptoms of this ailment. The top ones include bananas that should be eaten in the quantity of 2-3 everyday, pineapple, celery, carrots and beetroot.Along with this you can include fresh juices like beetroot juice, carrot juice and even fresh coconut water in the daily regime to get visible outcomes. Coconut milk and cucumber juice also works really well.

Use Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder For Arthritis Turmeric powder really helps in treating arthritis if taken twice daily with a glass of lukewarm water. The anti-inflammation properties will work really well on the conditions of this health problem and give you freedom from discomfort.

Guggulu Herb

Guggulu For Arthritis Guggulu is one of those herbs that is not only 100 percent safe for the body but extremely well-effective on the arthritis condition. It might be a little difficult to find but then nothing works better than this herb. All you have to do is eat this two times in a day with water after the main meals. The quantity can vary from a pinch to maximum half a teaspoon. Make sure you consult a professional before deciding on the dosage.

Garlic Benefit

A clove of raw garlic if consumed on a daily basis will show you how well it work on the arthritis. Garlic again is one of those products that have anti-inflammatory properties. You can also fry this piece of garlic in ghee before consuming.

Garlic For Arthritis Exercises

There are some joint movements and exercises that should be followed on a regular basis to keep the area in good working condition. However it is suggested you consult a physiotherapist to know about the right postures and exercises. Also, don’t stress too much on the joints or else it may worsen the condition.

Exercises For Arthritis