How To Control Oily Skin With Diet


How To Control Oily Skin With Diet Oily skin is caused by excess secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands of the skin. Excess oil secretion makes your complexion look greasy. Oily skin also tends to attract lot of dirt and grime and thus can easily flare up into acne and pimples.

Making oily skin look better and taking care of it is indeed a challenge. There are many topical lotions, cleansers and creams that can help counter problems associated with oily skin. Diet too is a very important aspect of managing oily skin. Dermatologists world-wide believe that eating too much oily food and sugar can aggravate oil secretion and make acne and pimples worse.

There are however certain vitamins and minerals that can help oily skin. Eating foods that are right for oily skin can help you deal with this skin type in an effective way. This article lists out diet tips that can help control oily skin. By following the advice here you can prevent acne and pimples from flaring up on your skin and gain healthy glowing skin.

How To Control Oily Skin With Diet

Vitamin C-rich Diet for Reducing Oiliness and Preventing Acne

Vitamin c food To Control Oily Skin Vitamin C is a key nutrient when it comes to dealing with oily skin. Vitamin C reduces the excess oil secretion from the skin’s glands and promotes healthy, even-toned skin. Vitamin C also prevents pimples and acne and heals existing skin inflammations.

A diet rich in Vitamin C will thus help control oily skin. Consuming citrus fruits such lemons, oranges, lime, grape-fruit, etc. can boost your Vitamin C intake. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, etc. are also rich in Vitamin C and must be consumed regularly.

Raw Food will Eliminate Wastes and Toxins from the Body and Promote Healthy Skin

Fruit Juices To Control Oily Skin Raw food such as salad greens, fruits, fruit juices, etc. are considered to be great for those with oily skin. Raw foods are full of fiber which keep your digestive health in good shape and prevent toxin build-up in the body.This means that your system always remains cleansed which will prevent acne, pimples or other skin flare-ups. Raw foods are also rich in vitamins which will improve your skin’s overall health. It is recommended that you consume raw salads and fruits daily to detox your system and maintain good skin.

Avoid Oily Food and Animal Fats or Sugary Stuff to Manage Oily skin Better

Avoid Oily Food To Control Oily Skin Oily food, animal fat, dairy products, spices, chocolate, refined flour, sugar, etc. lead to poor skin because they are heavy to digest and do not contain any nutrients or anti-oxidants. The above mentioned food items must be particularly avoided if you have oily skin since they can cause acne and pimples besides making oily skin appear greasier.

Consume Water and Natural Drinks for Healthy Skin

drink water Drinking 10 glasses of water daily can help toxins from the body and maintain your skin in great health. Water also hydrates your skin and makes it glow. People with oily skin must especially consume lots of water and natural drinks such as low fat butter-milk, tender coconut water, lime juice, etc. to flush out toxins from the body and keep the skin healthy.

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