5 Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss


Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss a common problem faced by both men and women and can be because of a variety of reasons including nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, using chemically loaded hair products, poor health and bad eating habits.

Fortunately, hair loss can be treated and you don’t have to resort to using expensive hair products and medications for doing so. There are some excellent herbs that can successfully reverse loss of hair and help with the growth of healthy and shiny hair.

Best Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss


Shikakai Reduce Hair Loss

Shikakai cleans the scalp of all the toxic products and stimulates the hair follicles to produce new hair. The herb is easily available in powder form and is an ideal product for washing the hair. Mix two tablespoons of shikakai powder with sufficient water to form a paste. Apply the paste over the bald patches in generous amounts as well as on the roots of the hair. Leave on for 30-45 minutes or until the paste dries completely. Wash off using lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment every alternate day for three months.

Indian Gooseberry

Gooseberry Reduce Hair Loss

Indian gooseberry or Amla is a rich source of vitamin C that is extremely beneficial in taking care of our skin and hair. Consuming 2-3 raw amla fruits daily can help with new hair growth especially in case of people suffering from vitamin deficiency.

You can also use amla powder for washing the hair and amla hair oil for conditioning them. Prepare amla powder paste and apply it on the scalp. Leave for an hour and wash hair using plain water. While the hair is semi dry massage a very small amount of amla hair oil on the scalp. Do this daily for a month and you will see the difference.


Garlic Reduce Hair Loss

Garlic is a well known antimicrobial herb that can be successfully used in the treatment of hair loss as well. The compounds present in garlic will get rid of the dandruff causing bacteria from the scalp thereby opening the blocked hair follicles. Make garlic paste by crushing 200 mg of peeled garlic pods. Apply the crushed garlic on the scalp; this may sting a bit. Leave on for 30 minutes. Wash hair using shampoo to get rid of the garlic smell. Repeat every alternate day for two months.


Hibiscus To Reduce Hair Loss

The flower of hibiscus has long been in use for helping with hair loss as well as for making hair smooth and shiny. In many cultures women use the flower of hibiscus for making their hair long and strong. Gather 10-12 hibiscus flowers and dry them in hot sun for 2-3 days. Grind the dried flowers to powder form and prepare a paste by mixing some water in it. Apply the paste on the scalp as well as the tip of the hair. Wash off using plain water once the paste dries. Repeat treatment three times a week.


Ashwagandha To Reduce Hair Loss

The herb has been used since centuries in Asia for treating hair loss in women. Consuming the herb is known to improve blood circulation to all parts of the body including the scalp thereby stimulating the follicles to produce new hair. Take 100-300 mg of the herbal capsule twice a day to promote new hair growth.

5 Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss