5 Best Herbal Remedies For Sinusitis


Herbal Remedies For Sinusitis

Sinusitis, also called as rhino sinusitis and sinus, occurs when the areas surrounding the nasal passage become inflamed leading to severe headaches, nasal discharge, chest congestion and swelling of the nose and the eyes.

There can be various reasons for sinus including spring allergies, infection in the upper respiratory tract, cystic fibrosis, nasal polyps and even HIV. There are several OTC nasal decongestants, antibiotics and corticosteroids that are used in the treatment of sinus but you can also try all natural herbal remedies at half the cost of these medications.

Best Herbal Remedies For Sinusitis


Echinacea For Sinusitis

Echinacea is a popular herb found growing abundantly in North America. The root as well as the aerial parts of the herb is used in the treatment of various medical conditions including sinusitis, lung infection and influenza. The herb contains many active compounds like caffeic acid and polysaccharides that are anti-inflammatory in nature and also boost the immune system. Echinacea is available in tincture form and should be taken only as per the recommended dosage.


Astragalus To Reduce Sinusitis

Astragalus is a common herbal plant that grows mainly in China, Mongolia, Serbia and Korea. The herb is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine as its root contains ingredients that can effectively treat conditions like lethargy, common cold, injuries and even sinus.

Compounds such as saponins and polysaccharides strengthen the immune system thereby getting rid of the infection causing bacteria faster. Use Astragalus in either capsule or tincture form to treat sinus infection. The herb is not for pregnant women or for people with autoimmune disease.


Garlic To Reduce Sinusitis

Garlic is a medicinal herb used primarily as a spice in cooking. But the herb is also widely used by Ayurvedic doctors for treating a variety of medical conditions including infections like sinusitis.

Garlic contains high amount of sulphur and its compounds that have very string antimicrobial effect. Eating several cloves of raw garlic each day can help with the treatment of sinus. One can also consume garlic pills that have 5000 mg or more of allicin in them.


Andrographis is a small herbal plant that is mainly found growing in Asia but is cultivated throughout the world now because of its medicinal properties. The herb is used in the treatment of respiratory infections, flu, diabetes, fever, liver disorders, cholera and dysentery.

It is a rich source of active compounds like terpenes, lactones, flavones and iridoid that impart the herb its medicinal properties. Consuming extract of the herb can help with an effective treatment of sinus by directly working on the symptoms associated with the condition. It treats headaches, inflammation, muscle aches, facial muscles ache, nasal congestion and lethargy.

Andrographis To Reduce Sinusitis

Black Elder

Black elder is a medium sized plant that has white flowers and black berries. Extracts from the flowers, leaves and the fruits are used for preparing herbal medications that can be used in the treatment of common cold, flu, cough, injuries and sinus.

The herb contains flavonoids, tannins, organic acids and anthocyanin that make it a natural expectorant with anticatarrhal effects. Use black elder flower extract for treating sinus and other forms of respiratory tract infection. Consult your doctor for the correct dosage of the extract.

Black Elder To Reduce Sinusitis