8 Food Remedies for Colds and Flus


Food Remedies for Colds and Flus Cold and flu are common symptoms of viral infection of the respiratory tract. Food remedies are often effective in reducing the discomfort caused by cold and flu. Selecting appropriate foods for your diet while you are recovering from the respiratory infection, strengthens the immune system, providing relief from nasal congestion, sore throat and fever.You may not feel like eatingwhen you are down with flu and cold. Nonetheless, you cannot afford to miss your meals. A balanced diet is not only essential for meeting the calorie requirements of the body; it also provides nourishment needed for fighting the invading germs.

Diet for Cold and Flu

Lean Protein

Lean Protein For Colds And Flus Your body needs extra energy to fight an infection. To recover speedily from the infection, include lean protein in your diet. Chicken and turkey are the appropriate protein foodsfor a person suffering from cold and flu.An outstanding food remedy for cold and flu is hot chicken soup. It nourishes and hydrates the body. Few studies suggest that chicken souppossesses mild anti-inflammatory property. It also helps to clear the nasal passage. It is especially beneficial for the cilia present in the nasal passages.

Eat Garlic

Garlic For Colds And Flus If you don’t feel like eating fresh raw garlic, consider adding it to your chicken soup or turkey sandwich. Garlic is a powerful antimicrobial agent. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, providing faster relief from cold and flu.

Eat Toast

During illnesses, your stomach cannot handle heavy meals. However, you need appropriate carbohydrate foods to meet your calorie requirements.Toasts are appropriate for people suffering from cold and flu. They help to satisfy the appetite without causing any abdominal discomfort.

Toast For Colds And Flus Eat Ginger

Discomfort in the throat can be reduced by eating a slice of fresh ginger. You can even drink ginger tea or ginger ale. Ginger also helps to improve appetite. The anti-inflammatory property of gingerhelps to reduce your body temperature.

Ginger For Colds And Flus Drink Hot Tea

Drinking several cups of hot tea throughout the day alleviates the soreness of the throat. While sipping a cup of hot tea, the steam entering your nose helps to clear the nasal passage. Moreover, the antioxidant compounds in tea strengthenthe immune system.

Hot Tea For Colds And Flus Hot Chilies

Adding hot chilies to the meals can provide prompt relief from nasal congestion. Capsaicin, the main bioactive constituent in chilies, is a powerful decongestant. It helps to thin the mucus so that they can be easily eliminated from the lungs and sinuses. Chilies are also a good dietary source of vitamin C, essential for maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system. The hotness of chilies also helps to numb the aches and pain.

Hot Chilies For Colds And Flus Drink Citrus Fruit Juices

Citrus fruits such as lime, lemon and oranges are rich sources of vitamin C. They also contain large amounts of antioxidantnutrients. Moreover, juices help to hydrate the body.

Citrus Fruit Juices For Colds And Flus Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking several glasses of water and fluid is essential for hydrating the body. Water helps to thin the mucus. It also helps to prevent excess increase in body temperature.

Water For Colds And Flus