4 Diet To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection


Diet To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection According to studies, diet plays an important role in preventing urinary tract infection (UTI). More than 50 percent women experience at least one incidence of UTI during their lifetime.Women who have contracted a bacterial infection of the urinary tract once are likely to suffer from repeated infections. Your diet affects your risk of developing UTI is two ways.

Firstly, by affecting the bacterial flora properties in the feces, dietary ingredients can protect the urinary tract from the harmful effect of the bacteria in the stool. Secondly, certain components in your diet act on the urinary tract, improving resistance against bacterial infections.

Diet For UTI

Drink Fresh Juices Of Berries Daily

Juice Of Berries For Uti Juices of berries are the most important component of the diet for preventing UTI. Traditionally cranberry juice is recommended for preventing recurrent infections of the urinary tract. Juices of lingonberry, blueberry, bilberry and other berries belonging to the genus Vaccinium are also believed to be effective in preventing UTI.

They contain large amounts of flavonols called epicatechin. According to scientific studies, this phytocompound inhibits bacterium from attaching to the membrane of the urinary tract. People susceptible to UTI should drink about 8 ounces of cranberry or other berry juices thrice daily.

Eat Apples, Plums And Cherries

Apples, Plums And Cherries For Uti Flavonols are produced by plants to resist microbe attack. These important infection preventive compounds can also help humans to fight infections. Among the various flavonols, epitcatechin is recognized as the best plant compound for treating infections of the urinary tract.

While berries of the Vaccinium genus are the richest sources of epitachecin, moderate to small amounts of this phytochemical is found in apples, plums and cherries. To strengthen your body’s defense against UTI causing bacteria, include these fruits in your daily diet.

Consume Unsweetened Fermented Dairy Products

Dairy Products For Uti Fermented milk products such yogurt and cheese help to prevent UTI. They are sources of probiotic Lactobacillus bacteria. Probiotic bacteria are beneficial for the human body. UTI occurs when there are insufficient beneficial bacteria to counter replication of the coliform bacteria in the urinary tract.

By introducing probiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, fermented milk products help to restore the normal microbial flora by replacing the harmful microbes. To reduce the risk of UTI, you should consume fermented milk products at least thrice each week.

Limit Sugar And Refined Carbohydrate Intake

Limit Sugar And Refined Carbohydrate Intake While planning your UTI prevention diet, reduce the amount of refined carbohydrate and sugary products. A sugar rich diet may increase the risk of developing recurrent infections of the urinary tract. The juices and dairy products you are taking to prevent UTI should be devoid of added sugar. By feeding on the sugar excreted during urination, the infection causing bacteria receive energy to grow and multiply.

Other than the aforementioned changes in the diet, to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections, you can continue with your normal balanced diet. Eat sufficient fresh fruits vegetables and whole grain products. They will meet your daily carbohydrate requirement without affecting the microbial flora in the urinary tract. Proteins and fats do not affect your risk of UTI. Therefore, they can be consumed according to your daily calorie requirements.

4 Diet To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection