Effective Home Remedies For Head Congestion

head congestion We all have sinus in our nose, and when this sinus is congested it is termed as head congestion. Sometimes head congestion spreads and affects ears too. It is caused due to virus that gets active in cold condition normally. It is also termed as runny nose. Head congestion causes irritation and can lead to headache.

The reasons for head congestion includes environmental pollution, various allergies, smoking, some medications and certain disease like flu, infections are some of them. Head congestion is a common problem and does not cause any major threat, but if it’s continued for long time it leads to chronic sinus and sometimes needs surgery. Generally many types of medications are available for head congestion at every drug store, but as always home remedies are also available for treatment of head congestion.

Best Home Remedies For Head Congestion



No home remedy is as effective as garlic in any type of cold, nasal or head congestion. Garlic has natural antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The best way to use garlic is, take 1-2 raw cloves in the morning or evening as well as you can take garlic cloves twice a day too. It removes any bacterial or viral infection and helps to clear the nasal congestion.

Sleeping Position

I know it sounds strange, but it is true you can try this in case of nasal congestion or head congestion. Put one or more pillow below your head, lay still on your back for at least 15 mints. Then you can change the position. Another important thing is try to keep your bed room humid, if it is not properly humid then you can buy a device called humidifier, it will help to keep your room properly humid.

Inhaling Vapours

This is another wonderful method to clear up head or nasal congestion. It is very effective in clearing nasal congestion. For this first take some water in a pot and start boiling it. When it starts boiling then add few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Steam Inhalation

Now take a towel and place your face above the pot and cover your head as well as the pot with that towel. Inhale the eucalyptus vapours for maximum 1 minute and remove the towel. Repeat this 2-3 times a day and you will feel better. You can use Vicks vaporub, basil leaves or just plain steam instead of eucalyptus oil.

Onion & Ajwain (Carom)

Ajwain or carom or bishop’s weed is all time favourite home remedy for nasal or head congestion relief. Similarly onion too has medicinal properties effective in head congestion.


For using make paste of onion and ajwain, and let this paste be heated on a pan. After some time let the mixture cool a little and apply on nasal bridge along with chest. Repeat for 1-2 times a day. It will definitely provide you relief from head congestion.

Ginger, Water & Honey

Ginger and Honey

This is another effective home remedy for head congestion. For using first boil water and add some raw ginger to it, when only half of the water remains in the pan, switch off the burner and let it cool. Now add some honey to it and drink. You will see its effectiveness in no time.