10 Easy Home Remedies For Hangover


Home Remedies For Hangover A hangover is an after effect due to intake of alcohol in large quantities. The severity of a hangover varies from person to person and also differs owing to age or physical fitness. A hangover is characterized by several features like dehydration, nausea, severe headache, irritability but the symptoms too varies among people. Hangovers can be easily treated at home using many common ingredients easily available.

Effective Home Remedies For Hangover


drink water The breakdown of alcohol in the body increase urine production which leads to dehydration. Ensure that you consume large quantities of water to compensate for the loss of water from the body. This will help to control some symptoms of hangover like dry mouth caused due to dehydration.


Soups For Hangover Relief During hangover the last thing you’d probably think about is food but the intake of food is very important to keep the system running. Consume light, healthy soups to neutralize the effects of ethanol breakdown and for sustenance.


Ginger For Hangover Relief Ginger has been potentially used for nausea. It has been beneficial in treating vomiting tendency and so is a good remedy for hangover. It enhances the rate at which the alcohol is metabolized in the system and thus relieves the stomach. You can drink ginger ale. Cut ginger into thin slivers and chew on them. Ginger tea also provides fast relief. Another good way to replenish lost sugar from the body is to make a concoction by cutting about 10 slices of ginger root and boil in 4 cups of water for about 10-12 minutes. When done, strain the liquid and add the juice of 1 orange, ½ lime and 1 cup honey.


Honey For Hangover Relief It is one of the best available remedy to treat hangover. Honey has sucrose than can be easily absorbed d by our body. The fructose competes with ethanol metabolism. Honey also has neutralizing effects. You may consume 2-3 teaspoons of honey per hour but you may also make the classic hot toddy.The toddy is made by boiling water, honey and lime juice together. It is important to use honey as it not only restores the sugar level in the blood but unlike sugar which has sucrose (not easily absorbed), honey has the much easily absorbable form of carbohydrate.

Fresh Juices

Fresh Juices Reduce Hangover Consume large quantities of juices to restore the lost water and minerals from the body. Avoid intake of acidic juices, you may mix them with honey before consumption.

Apples And Banana

Intake of fruits like apple and bananas and other fruits are an effective way to treat a hangover. Have an apple in empty stomach to treat headache.Bananas may be eaten to replenish loss of potassium from the body. You may have banana shakes with honey for increased benefits. Together they relax the nerves and help regain lost sugars.

Apples And Banana Reduce Hangover Peppermint

Peppermint is a herb with medicinal properties. It helps to discard accumulated gas from the digestive system. Add a few leaves to your tea and consume it, this will help to relieve your stomach and decrease stomach pains.

Peppermint Reduce Hangover Tomato

Tomato has fructose that helps metabolize and remove alcohol from the system faster. You may compensate lost liquids and sugar from the body by consuming tomato soups or tomato juice. Tomato juice with lime provides fast relief.

Tomato Reduce Hangover Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps breakdown alcohol content. Take in easily available vitamin C tablets.

Vitamin C Reduce Hangover Lime

Lime contains natural vitamin C. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Lime helps solve the problems of dizziness, nausea and muscle aches. Mix lime juice with honey and water and drink that for fast relief.

Lime Reduce Hangover