Botox Cosmetic Treatment For Wrinkles

Botox Cosmetic Treatment For Wrinkles At the outset let us be clear about what exactly Botox is. Many perceive it as some kind of filler, which it is not. Botox Cosmetic is useful to temporarily smoothen certain wrinkles of the face. To be more specific, the wrinkles of the upper face viz. frown lines (between the eyebrows), crow’s feet (lines on the outer side of the eyes and forehead lines).

Botox is often confused with dermal fillers which are used to fill up wrinkles of the areas of face other than frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines.

General Information About Botox Cosmetic Treatment

Botox is an injection which uses a toxin produced by a type of bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. It is being sold under two more brands Dysport and Xeomin. Botox acts by blocking signals emanating from the nerves going to the muscles. The muscle in which injection has been given loses its ability to contract for a few months. So the wrinkles remain relaxed even when we speak or face comes into an action.

Botox Cosmetic Procedure

It hardly takes any time once you are in the treatment room, you can say just as much as it would be for any other injection. It is exactly like an injection. Hence, there is no need for any anesthesia. Your doctor knows the exact place and the dose that is required.

After the treatment is done it takes about a week for botox to spread. It is after that much time that it starts showing its effect. After two weeks it shows its full impact.

Botox Cosmetic Procedure

One is told to stop the consumption of alcohol for some time. It is advised that anti inflammatory medicines such as aspirin are stopped four days before the treatment. This is done to minimize bruising should it happen.

Frequency Of Botox Treatment

Generally the effect starts fading after three to four months, but it depends on certain factors like your age, diet, skin care etc. It lasts longer for the young as compared to the old. If you are eating a balanced and healthy diet botox will last longer than it would for the others.

Botox Cosmetic Procedure

For an alcoholic the time span between the treatments is shorter and those who take good care of their skin it lasts longer. It has been seen that after repeated treatments the muscles start getting used to remaining in a relaxed state. This leads to going for treatment less frequently.

Side Effects Of Botox Cosmetic Treatment

These days it is becoming a common practice to administer these injections at a beautician. It should be completely avoided; the procedure must be done by an expert.


Because there have been reports of inflammation, infection, swelling and redness. These may be indicative of allergy to botox. There could be some other symptoms like itching, asthma and fainting, numness, droopy eyes and muscle spasms. some people suffer form headaches and pain in the neck.

Botox in not meant for the pregnant women and people with allergies and health problems. It should be done after a consultation with your doctor, and should be done by a doctor and not by your beautician.