All About Arms Reduction And Arm Lift Surgery

All About Arms Reduction And Arm lift Surgery Arm reduction or arm lift surgery is also called brachioplasty. In this treatment the upper arms are reshaped starting from underarms to the elbow. The upper arms sag and start looking ugly after weight loss surgery or sudden weight loss. This is a common problem of obese. In the case of some people the stretched arms look like bat wings with loose flesh hanging.

Brachioplasty removes those excessive flaps of loose skin and restores confidence of the affected person. Fortunately these days surgical options are available for arm reduction and lift. This article will give some useful information about arm lift surgery.

General Information About Arm Lift Surgery

This surgery is opted by women more than men because it is the women who are more conscious of their looks. It boosts their confidence and they can comfortably wear sleeveless dresses once again. A scar remains on the inner side of the upper arm, though it diminishes with time.

One will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days if no complication arises. Be prepared to take some time off from work. It is a very expensive surgery and the smokers are told to quit smoking to avoid complications. The surgery should be done by an expert surgeon of this field.

Operation For Arm Lift

This operation is done under general anesthesia and lasts about three hours. The inner side of the arm is cut from armpit till the elbow. After this begins the procedure of removal of excess fat with liposuction. This is done by inserting a cannula in the fat tissue. Liposuction requires the pumping out of fat with the help of a syringe.

Operation For Arm Lift

Then the muscles are tightened by stitching, care is taken that the resultant shape gives an aesthetic look to the arm. The excessive fat is cut and removed. Now the reshaped arm is stitched.

Post Operative Issues

There will be a drainage tube attached in order to drain out excessive buildup of fluids. Your arms will be bandaged. Numbness, pain and a lot of discomfort will make you feel why you thought of this surgery.

Arms Will Be Bandaged

But this numbness and pain will go away within a few days. There may be accompanied swelling and you will have to use compression garments to help you keep the swelling down.

Care At Home After The Operation

You will need plenty of rest, and will not be able to do your own routine work for quite some time. Your doctor will advise you not to lift heavy items. You will have to avoid strenuous exercises for one or two months.

Plenty Of Rest

Dressing of the wounds will have to be done regularly till complete healing takes place. Swelling will have to be taken care of by using compression garments.

Long Term Tips

As you age the arms will sag. If after this surgery there is excessive weight gain followed by sudden weight loss, again the arms will sag.

The scar of the surgery will be permanent, though it will not be very prominent after a year. At times depression is seen in those who go with this surgery. That is why the surgery sections have the services of counselors available.