9 Top Reasons To Include Fruits In Your Daily Diet

Reasons To Include Fruits In Your Daily Diet

Cheers to Good Health! is often a toast raised during celebrations and get together. It is but the universal truth that one always wants to remain healthy, wealthy and wise. Optimum health is the secret to longevity. We tend to associate gifting a fruit basket to the sick wishing them “Hey, Get well soon”. It is an archaic gesture well received and reciprocated to this day. Hence, it is a foregone conclusion that eating and enjoying fruits is the harbinger of good health. Including fruits in our daily diet is counted as one amongst the superfoods that Mother Earth has bestowed upon us. However, let us make it a practice to buy and consume organically grown fruits.

1. Energy Booster:

Chewing into chunks of fruity luscious pears, oranges, mangoes, papayas, plums, strawberries—the list is simply endless, are energy boosters. The natural sucrose present in fruits help to increase the energy level. Sucrose is a source of instant energy. It stimulates a rapid increase of blood glucose upon consumption of a fruit. Hence after good work out at the gym or long running as part of your exercise regime, one needs to chew into fresh fruits in order to restore energy spent. Fruit juices are also recommended, but chewing into fruits is best to assimilate the benefits of fruits.

Energy Booster

2. Nutrients Supply:

The human body is a complex but well connected system with each nerve, muscle and organ requiring a supply of its earmarked food and nutrition. But then again one can eat as much as one can!!To inculcate this habit of providing sufficient nutrients to our system, fruits have to be included in our daily routine diet. Each fruit has a different composition of different vitamins. Commonly available, economically priced and the best of the super fruits is the apple. It is a complete health fruit and “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”! Almost all vitamins are present in the apple.

Nutrients Supply

3. Resistant To Diseases:

Coping with a busy day’s schedule, we tend to our health only when we feel indisposed. This is actually a serious fault in our daily habits. Inculcating a wholesome diet means providing the human body with a balanced diet of proteins, vitamins, carbs, potassium. Fruits are a natural resistant to diseases. A compulsory eating of fruits will contribute to overall health and aid in promoting very few visits to your doctor. Moreover, eating fruits contributes to postponement of age related diseases.

Resistant To Diseases

4. Increased Metabolism:

High in fiber content, fruits are much sought for aiding in digestion. Bananas, oranges, papaya, mangoes and melons are highly recommended to aid in metabolism. Fruits rich in Vitamin C help to burn fat easily. The fiber content in fruits are very helpful in digestion. However, pay attention as to when you to eat fruits. Never eat a fruit along with a meal. A gap of an hour prior a meal must be given if you want to eat a fruit prior meals. If in case you want to eat after a meal, eat the fruits after two hours of having your meal.


5. Healthy Skin:

All of us urge to look young and beautiful and much younger than our age. Skin disorders are radically eliminated when one includes a daily routine of eating fruits. Pigmentation of the skin occurs across all age groups. Fruits help to reduce pigmentation or discoloration of the skin, since they are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12.Apples, bananas, avocados and grapes are outstanding sources of vitamins generally required to rejuvenate the skin and keep it glowing. Lemons help to remove scars from your skin.

Healthy Skin

6. Stimulates Hair Growth:

Long, thick and lustrous hair is one’s crowning glory. Fruits are great contributors of beautiful hair. Consuming fruits rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C help to control premature greying of the hair. Hairstylists recommend the use of fruit masks for the hair. The presence of Vitamin C in fruits help to provide the luster and bounce for your hair.

Hair Growth

7. Helps To Detox:

Fruits are highly favored for their detoxification advantage. Toxins are accumulated in our body due to many reasons and one undeniable reason is the type of meals that we take and the stress and anxiety levels that we subject ourselves to. There are toxins that may last in our body for more than a week. Hence regular consumption of juicy fruits detox and cleanse our system. This will help to bring to optimization all the other organs as well.

Helps To Detox

8. Weight Control:

Snacking on junk food is never acceptable by the human body over a period of time. Hence it is advisable not to indulge in it. Snacking on fruits before and after a meal will control the urge to eat junk food and promotes good health. One tends to feel a stomach full after munching into a bowl of fresh and juicy fruits.

Weight Control:

9. Helps To Reduce Stress And Anxiety:

Fruits are also called as cheer foods. They help to boost your mood and aid in good sleep. Eating a banana when you are in one of those dull moments will definitely cheer you. Dehydration may also be one of the hidden factors that increase anxiety and stress. Eating wholesome fruits keeps us well hydrated.

Reduce Stress