9 Home Remedies For Measles


Home Remedies For Measles

Measles is a viral disease of the respiratory system in which the cheek becomes like sand grains, which can later spread to other body parts like trunk, hands and foot. It is a communicable disease, which can be prevented by vaccination. Patients who get the infection develop lifelong immunity to the disease.

Mortality due to measles can be decreased in the patients by taking Vitamin A supplements. Measles can be caused by personal contact, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS immunodeficiency. The infection spreads through coughing and sneezing. Measles can be due to Vitamin A deficiency. Measles attacks the patients mostly during the dry weather. Measles can cause symptoms like fever, cold, cough and diarrhea.

There is watering of eyes and skin rashes. people who have measles should avoid fried and processed foods. Do not take junk food and heavy meals. You should avoid spices, sweets, oil and salty snacks. Do not take aerated drinks, coffee and milk products. It is difficult to digest these foods, so you should avoid them. Do not use soaps and shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. Some home remedies can help in curing measles. Some useful home remedies for measles are as follows.

Best Home Remedies For Measles

Drink Fluids

Fluids For Measles Relief

Drink plenty of fluids. If there is fever, it can cause dehydration. Drinking fluids will help in preventing dehydration. You can take tea mixed with honey. Patients who have measles should drink orange juice twice daily. Ensure that the juice is fresh. Take citrus fruits like grapes and cantaloupes.Citrus fruits help in increasing the immunity. You can also drink barley water thrice daily. You should drink lemonade many times in a day. Drink pineapple juice, herbal tea, green tea, aloe vera juice. Drink tea made with basil, mint, raisins, thyme and coriander. You can drink coconut milk. You can give milk to infants.

Eat These Foods

Eggs For Measles Relief

When the body temperature becomes normal, you can take milk pudding, bland soups and mashed potato. You can take eggs, bread, butter and white fish. Take eggs and yogurt. You can eat vegetables like aubergine, carrots, peas, pumpkin, red peppers, yams, sweet potato, beetroot greens, lettuce, spinach, turnip and butternut squash.You can eat fruits like mango, peach, pears, apricots, papaya, avocado, melon, raisins and blackberries. You can take almonds, olive oil and brine pickles. Take one-gram eggplant seeds daily for 3 days.

Licorice And Tamarind

Licorice To Reduce Measles

Mix honey and licorice in a glass of water and drink it. You can take licorice powder as it cures the problem of cough.Mix gourd leaf, honey and turmeric powder in one glass water and consume the mixture once daily. Mix tamarind paste with turmeric root paste. Take 300-400 grams of this paste daily.

Basil And Garlic Powder 

Basil To Reduce Measles

Extract juice from crushed basil leaves. Add little turmeric powder, mix well, and take it twice daily. Soak fenugreek seeds in water for two hours. You must drink three teaspoons of the water in every thirty minutes. Mix garlic powder with honey and eat it.

Take Rest And Use Humidifier

Patients who have measles should take bed rest. Get enough sleep as it makes the body strong and fastens the recovery process.Avoid getting close to other people as it can spread the infection. Isolate the patient for 10 days after the infection is reduced. Maintain good hygiene. Use humidifier as it helps in curing cough and throat problems.

Take Rest For Measles Relief

Mudpack And Neem Extract

You must use mudpacks and apply them on the abdomen. You can also use chest packs. These packs help in eliminating toxins from the body. You should have bath with warm water. You can add neem leaf extract in the bathwater. Take bath with barley water.

Mudpack To Reduce Measles

Cornstarch Paste, Lemon Juice, Lavender Tea

If your skin becomes itchy due to rashes, you must apply cornstarch paste on the skin. You can also apply calamine lotion. Apply pure lemon juice on the skin and let it become dry.It will help in soothing the rashes. You can take oatmeal bath. You can rinse the skin with lavender tea. You can rub mashed avocado on the skin.

Lemon Juice To Reduce Measles

Proper Ventilation And Eye Care

You should live in a room that is well ventilated. Protect yourself from direct sunlight by wearing sunglasses as the light can harm the eyes. Light can make the eye tissues weak. Keep the eyes shaded. The room in which you live should have a subdued light. Avoid reading under lamp and watching television. Wear loose cotton clothes.

Proper Ventilation And Eye Care For Measles

Baking Soda, Thyme Tea, Margosa Leaves

You can mix one-cup baking soda to the bathtub water. Bathing this water can cure skin problems and rashes. Soak washcloth in basil tea infusion and apply the cloth on the itchy skin. You can do this remedy with thyme tea infusion also.Applying Aloe Vera on the skin can cure rashes. It will help in soothing the inflamed skin. You can add margosa leaves to hot bath water and have bath with this water. Margosa leaves have antiseptic properties and help in curing itching.

Baking Soda To Reduce Measles