9 Benefits Of Fatty Liver Diet And The Best Foods To Add To The Diet



Accumulation of excess fat in the liver causes fatty liver. Although this is a benign condition, nonetheless, it makes the liver vulnerable to damage. Obesity is the leading cause of fatty liver. Long-term consumption of food loaded with saturated fats, apart from causing unintended weight gain, increases fat buildup in the liver. However, dietary changes can help in preventing further fat buildup in the liver and in some cases even helps in reversing the condition. The fatty liver diet not only benefits your liver, it is also good for your overall health. Even if you are not suffering from fatty liver, you can follow the diet recommended for people with fatty liver to prevent fatty liver and other chronic illnesses.

List Of  Benefits Of Fatty Liver Diet And The Best Foods To Add To The Diet

Benefits Of Fatty Liver Diet

Eliminates Excess Liver Fat

The diet for people with fatty liver involves eating foods that help in breaking down the excess fat stored in the liver and that inhibit further fat storage. It also reduces risk of developing fatty liver disease.

fatty Liver

Improves Liver Function

The fatty liver diet helps in improving your liver function. By breaking down the fats stored in the liver, the diet helps in eliminating the fat soluble toxins that over time damage the liver tissues. The fatty liver diet aids detoxification, which helps in flushing out toxins from the liver and reduces risk of liver disorders.

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Weight Loss

The fatty liver diet also helps in healthy weight loss. It helps in getting rid of the unwanted body fat. It is also the ideal diet for reducing belly fat. For maintaining healthy body weight, the fatty liver diet is a good choice.

Weight loss

Reduces Risks Of Chronic Ailments

This healthy diet helps in lowering risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease. It boosts the quality of your life and increases your energy level.

Cures Hypertension

Foods To Eat

The following foods are recommended for the fatty liver diet.


As vegetables contain very small amount of natural sugar you can eat as much vegetable you want. Raw vegetables are most suitable. You can also eat cooked vegetables including small amount of starchy vegetables. Vegetables are packed with fibers that aid detoxification and improve blood sugar control that helps in reducing accumulation of fats in the liver.


Oily Fish

Fish oil helps in breaking down the excess fat reserve in the liver. The anti-inflammatory effect of omega-3 fats in fish oil also helps in preventing liver damage. Moreover, fish is a good source of lean protein.

Oily Fish


People suffering from fatty liver can have up to three servings of fruits daily. Low calorie fruits with high water content are ideal for reducing calorie intake and flushing out toxins from the body. You should also eat antioxidant rich fruits such as berries and citrus fruits to protect your liver from the harmful effect of oxidative stress.


Whole Grains

Complex carbohydrate present in whole grains helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in the normal range. The normal concentration of sugar in the blood helps in inhibiting conversion of glucose into fats that are stored in the liver.

Whole Grains

Herbal Tea

When the fats stored in the liver are broken down, your liver is exposed to toxins that were stored in the fats. To protect your liver from toxins and flush out the toxins from the liver, drink herbal tea that aid liver cleansing. Milk thistle, dandelion, boldo and lemon teas are recommended for people suffering from fatty liver.

Herbal Tea