5 Tips For Handling Common Eye Injuries



Eye injuries are very common and it is very important that you know the simple remedies that will help you to take care of them. Eye is a very sensitive area and hence, you cannot just randomly treat it. It is very important that you are aware of simple eye care tips that would help you to safeguard the eyes, further. If you think that the injury is severe then it is always better that you visit a doctor. Most of us think that wearing eye protection is one of the best ways to safeguard our eyes but how long, you are going to wear this. Apart from that, you will also have to accept a fact that most of the eye injuries take place at home.

List Of 5 Tips For Handling Common Eye Injuries


Something may hit against your eyes and hence, it may lead to swelling and ultimately, your eye area will turn red or black. In this situation, cold compress can be your savior. This will help you to safeguard your eyes from further damage. Ensure that you aren’t pressing hard the compressor against your eye. Try cold compress, once in every two hours. If you are not able to see the results in few hours, then it’s better that you visit a doctor.

 Cold Compress


If some chemical enters your eye then you may get a burning sensation and in many cases, your eyes will start to tear. In this situation, it is very important that you remove the chemical that has entered your eyes. You can use an eye wash to remove the chemicals that have entered your eyes. If the chemical has just entered the eyes then you can just splash some water but this will not work if it is severe.

eye wash

Foreign Matter In The Eyes

If some foreign matter enters your eyes then look for ways to remove it. You can immediately splash some water so that small materials like sand can be easily pushed out. If the foreign object is larger then blink your eyes repeatedly. This will ensure that the foreign particle is pushed out, along with the tears. Ensure that you are not rubbing your eyes hard. If you rub your eyes then the foreign object will hurt your eyes and hence, this can lead to further serious problems. You can also take a cotton ball’s help to remove the foreign material. Dip the cotton ball in a bowl of cold water and move it towards the corners of the eyes so that the foreign object can be dragged out.

cotton balls


If your eyes are bleeding then this is a very severe thing and only a professional eye specialist will be able to help you. First and foremost, don’t splash water on your eyes. If you splash water then you will notice that the blood flow has increased. You may feel that the pain is immense but don’t rub your eyes. You may think that you can apply any anti-inflammatory medicine but that’s not going to work. In fact, anti-inflammatory medicines have the potential to thin the blood vessels and hence, the bleeding will increase profusely.

dont splash

Blow In The Eyes

Most of us have the experience of being hit by a ball, at some or other point of time in life. In this situation, cold compress can help you to save your eyes. If you don’t have a cold compress then you can massage the eye area with ice cubes. If you are hit by a ball just now then apply ice cubes for fifteen minutes in every hour, for next 4-5 hours. This will ensure that the swelling is reduced or stopped. If you are not able to see any results or if you think that your vision is affected then its better that you take professional help to avoid further complications.