9 Amazing Benefits Of Corn Silk


Benefits Of Corn Silk

We all love eating corn delicacies. It has many health benefits as well. What if I tell you the stringy stuff which comes off after removing the green cover from your raw corn has some amazing health benefits. That stringy stuff is known as corn silk. From now do not throw away the corn silk in the dust bin. Keep reading the article below to find all the amazing benefits of corn silk.

1. Fights Obesity:

Corn silk helps in fighting obesity by eliminating excess water and waste from your body. Nowadays, obesity is one of the main health concern for the human race. It is creating a huge menace to a large part of the human population. It might cause due to genetic disorder or accumulation of toxins and excess water in your body. Drink corn tea thrice every day to maximize the benefit level. It’s not a cure for obesity, but it definitely evades your weight gain order.


2. Lowers Your Blood Pressure Level:

People who are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension can drink corn tea. It will reduce your blood pressure level and it eliminates other side-effects from the blood pressure medicines.

Blood Pressure

3. Kidney Stones:

Kidney stone is a common problem. Corn silk is an age old theory for kidney stone prevention. It increases the urine flow and reduces the formation of sediments in kidneys which in the result, prevents the kidney from stones. If you already have stones in your kidney, corn silk won’t work for you.

Kidney Stones

4. Urinary Tract Infections:

Corn silk helps in treating urinary tract infections with its anti-inflammatory properties. It makes you urinate in a proper manner and helps in soothing the inflammation in your urinal tract and bladder. Corn silk also helps in reducing the bacteria build up in the urinal tract area.

Urinary Tract Infections

5. Blood Clotting:

Corn silk decreases the chance of excessive blood loss during an injury because it is rich in vitamin K which helps in the blood clotting process.

blood clotting

6. Fights Cholesterol:

High cholesterol level can give birth to various cardiac diseases. It is always advised to keep your cholesterol level low in order to live a healthy and happy life.According to experts, corn silk helps in bringing down the cholesterol level from your body.


7. Controls Your Blood Sugar Levels:

 If you are experiencing blood sugar issues, start consuming corn silk as soon as possible. High blood sugar might lead to some serious diseases like diabetes, stroke and kidney ailments. A study revealed corn silk is capable of reducing the blood sugar levels from your body.

Controls Your Blood Sugar Levels

8. Heals Inflammatory Pains:

Corn silk contains anti-inflammatory agents which help in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis and gout. It prevents excessive formation of uric acid in your body which might result in gout pain. However, remember corn silk only reduces the pain and inflammation, it cannot cure your arthritis or other joint pains.

Inflammatory Pains

9. Amazing Source Of Vitamin C:

Corn silk boosts your immunity and regulates the myriad function of your body with its amazing vitamin C source.

Vitamin C

Include corn silk in your regular diet today in a form of tea because you cannot make delicious dishes with corn silk. Make this tea using fresh or dry corn silk, water, and lemon juice. Simply boil the water for few minutes, add the corn silk and boil for few more minutes. Add some lemon juice to enhance the flavor.