13 Natural Ways To Reduce Itching After Shower At Home


 Reduce Itching After Shower At Home

Post shower itching is more common that you probably think it is. It isn’t a big deal though when taken care of. Dryness is mainly the reason that makes skin itchy after taking shower. However, it isn’t the only cause. Various other factors attribute to prolonged itching that is quite uncomfortable. The most feared ramifications of post shower itching are rashes and skin inflammation triggered due to scratching. But we have listed 13 natural ways that will surely improve the condition and will pamper your skin the right way. Start following them right away to notice the difference.

1. Use Normal Water:

Itching after shower more often hits people who love spending time under too hot or too cold water. Either ways, you expose body cells to sudden temperature difference that shrivels them and absorbs all essential oils, leaving the skin dry. Start using normal water instead to pamper your skin.

Normal Water

2. Do Not Soap Daily:

No matter you are using a soap free conditioning bar or a shower gel, soaping the body daily isn’t a healthy habit. It not just removes dirt and oil, it removes essential oils too. Instead, use a moisturizing bar or shower gel thrice a week to give the skin time to settle down and get ready for the next soaping session.

 Do Not Soap Daily

3. Dry Brush The Skin:

Dry brushing the skin once every week or every fortnight makes the skin less susceptible to itching post shower. It is because, this removes trapped dirt and chapped flakes that otherwise loosely hang on to the epidermis, instead of being drained down.

Dry Brush The Skin

4. Shower For Lesser Time:

Bathe not more than two times a day, and also shorten the time you spend under shower. Extra time under water doesn’t just removes sweat and germs, it pulls out oils that are needed to keep dryness at bay. In fact, it is wise to not let the cells stay underwater for over 15 minutes.

Shower For Lesser Time


5. Use Under Shower Moisturizer:

This is an ideal option for people who have extremely chapped skin, and also a natural remedy to keep the skin away from post shower itching in winters. Moisturizing the skin under shower doesn’t expose the cells to dryness, and adds oils instantly. Extra grease, If any, is easily removed with towel.


6. Do Not Scrub Too Often:

Most people believe that exfoliating the skin before each bath keeps skin younger. But scrubbing everyday damages the epidermal cells and causes rashes, that leads to uncontrolled itching after shower. This leads to skin cracking that actually results in wrinkling.


7. Use Aloe Gel:

It is a good idea to cool down the skin immediately after taking a refreshing shower. Apply natural aloe paste you can make by grinding aloe pulp and refrigerating it for 2 hours. This calms down irritated and rubbed cells and keeps them hydrated. Wash the gel with water and moisturize immediately.

aloe vera gel

8. Use Glycerin:

This is a winter post shower remedy that actually works even for chapped and sensitive skin. Being an anti-inflammatory natural ingredient, glycerin seeps with exfoliated pores and conditions them from within. Wash after 5 minutes with tap water and dab with a moisturizer.Use


9. Use Non-Alcoholic Products:

Alcoholic products, be it shower gels, moisturizers or astringents, inflame the skin in the long run. They make skin vulnerable to rashes and allergies that immediately cause severe itching after shower. Stick to non alcoholic herbal products.

Non Alcoholic Products

10. Do Not Rub The Skin With Towel:

Yes, it is necessary to get the skin dry properly to avoid fungal infections that cause post shower itching, but that doesn’t mean rubbing the skin with towel. Gently dab the towel mildly, instead of rubbing it. It doesn’t tussle against the cells and leaves them supple.

Do Not Rub The Skin With Towel

11. Emolliate The Skin:

Use a thick Shea based moisturizer after covering the skin with normal moisturizer in case of super itchy skin. Shea adds vitamins to the skin that calms down cells in the long run. It is also a miracle remedy for post shower itching that hard hits people with disorders like eczema.

Emolliate The Skin

12. Use Coconut Oil:

Do not stay under moist conditions in your bathroom for long. Instead, use a cotton towel to dab the skin dry under fan. Now massage the itchy areas, even the entire body if needed, with warm coconut oil. It removes flakes and restores body’s pH. This roots out itching in the long run.

Coconut Oil

13. Use Raw Milk:

After taking shower in tap water, soak your body in raw milk bath for 5 minutes. If you do not have a bath tub, use cotton balls to specifically target itching areas. Do not wash away. Instead pat dry and moisturize.

Raw Milk
And with these 13 ways, we come to an end of the list what’s more of a guide to keep the skin super pampered and healthy after daily shower.