8 Top Cancer Causing Foods You Need To Avoid

8 Top Cancer Causing Foods You Need To Avoid

Cancer is the most deadly disease the whole world is worried about. Whenever we come across a relative suffering from cancer we feel what must have went wrong. And suddenly we realize that food habits!!! We make changes in our daily eating habits for a week or two, and again the routine starts. No one is to be blamed here except our daily schedules. These days we lead a mechanical life where no one finds time for a healthy food. Adding to the pressure, the work timings, pollution in air are other reasons to get prone to diseases like cancer.
However, we can avoid the risk of getting affected by cancer with some small changes in our diet. Firstly we should be aware of the foods we buy. Are they healthy for us or cancer causing. Secondly we should follow healthy method of cooking, which can avoid the risk of cancer. Generally the cancer causing diets are quite regular in our daily life, but we are unaware that they are cancer causing foods. Hence, we have made a comprehensive list of most potential cancer causing foods, which you should avoid from today. Always remember try to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want your progeny to be healthy.

1. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are commonly called as silent killers. Hydrogenated oils undergo various levels of processing which make them rancid. As a result of hydrogenation and oxidation processes, the oil is converted into Trans fat. This trans fatty acids are said to influence cell metabolism and structure and posing a threat of cancer. Hydrogenated oils are very difficult to eliminate from the body as their half life is too high i.e. 52 days. Whereas butter has a half life of just 12 days. Hence once consumed you are almost inviting toxins into the body. These are the main reasons behind breast cancer and colon cancer. Most importantly most of them use the same oil for deep fries repeatedly which can increase the threat to double. Hence avoid using.

Hydrogenated Oils

2. Canned Foods

Canned foods are cancer causing not because of the preservatives used but because of the material of lining used in cans. It is bisphenol-A, or BPA. It was found that BPA affects the gene processing in rats directly. The changes in the gene structure is said to be the main cause of cancer. Especially if the canned food is like canned tomatoes which are acidic in nature, they eventually leak the can lining and mix with the tomatoes mixture present in the can. Hence go for fresh tomatoes but avoid canned food.

 Canned Foods

3. Processed Meat

Processed red meat and other products like hot dogs, bacon, sausages are very common food products we make in our diet. And why should they not be, they are tasty and appealing as well, but there is a bitter truth behind the process. The chemicals used for processing and preservatives like sodium nitrate are harmful carcinogens. And even we don’t stop there, the meat is smoked and charred for good taste, which increases the tar on the meat. Tar is again a cancer causing agent normally obtained cause of cigarette smoking

Processed Meat

4. Potato Chips

Surprising and also shocking that potato chips which are yummy to taste are eating away our health. Potato chips apart from having huge trans fats also contain a dangerous ingredient called acrylamide. This makes potatoes crispier and the chips carcinogenic. Yes acrylamide is a well known carcinogen that is also found in cigarettes. Very commonly all these branded potato chip makers uses these ingredients as if they are healthy. Hence don’t see the upper wrapping but see the threat inside. Make a promise to yourself that you are not touching any of these next time you go to a supermarket.

Potato Chips

5. Fine White Flour Or Maida

We all have become aware that Maida or white flour is not good for health but the threat is till cancer was not known. Yes Maida can cause cancer in long run. Maida is a processed [product of wheat. The wheat flour is processed with chlorine gas to make it white. Chlorine gas is an irritant which can spoil your respiratory system . apart from this Maida contain high glycemic values which can cause diabetes and thus spread cancer easily.

Fine White Flour Or Maida

6. Genetically Modified Foods(GMO’s) 

Genetically modified foods are said to cause cancer. Most of the corn , soy and potatoes are genetically modified these days. Research tells that genetically modified foods cause damaged immune system and also start pre cancerous cell growth. Hence better to choose natural foods instead of Gmo’s.

Genetically Modified Foods(GMO’s)

7. Farmed Fish

Farmed fish or salmon which is most commonly consumed on daily basis is said to cause cancer. These farmed fishes are given artificial diet such as antibiotics, chemicals pesticides which cause cancer. Apart from these the red salmon meat also contains PCB’s and mercury which is carcinogenic. Hence its better to avoid farmed salmons. Instead you can go for canned salmons which is a better option.

Farmed Fish

8. Refined And Artificial Sugars

Most of us have a habit of using artificial sweeteners in our regular drinks like coffee tea etc. These artificial sugar powers are highly refined in nature. They are said to increase the sugar levels and become a feed to cancer cells. There are various types of artificial sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, and cyclamate etc which we generally prefer instead of sugar. It was found recently that saccharine can be the cause of bladder cancer and aspartame is responsible for brain tumors.

Refined And Artificial Sugars

In addition to the above mentioned list of eight common cancer causing foods, there are other products too. Such as, microwave pop corn, pickled food, alcohol, soda, and carbonated beverages and others.
Now as you all know the harmful side of the appealing and tasty foods, better be far away from them to reduce the risk of cancer. Making small changes in daily diet and following some strict rules related to food habits can help you to lead a safe life away from cancer. Hope you like our compilation about cancer causing foods.