7 Home Remedies To Handle Hives


7 Home Remedies To Handle Hives
Hives are actually skin rashes that do occur on the skin at times of some infectious conditions and these welts are often itchy and at times they even cause a sort of heavy burning sensation. This disease is also characterized by some swollen red patches on the skin and is also well known by the name uticaria. Hives can occur in any part of the skin from the face to the legs and the size of the rash might also vary a lot from a small coin to that of a large plate. Not only imposing some itching sensation on the skin, Hives are also known to look weird on the skin and the symptoms of this disease have to arrested a quick as possible else it may even lead to many other skin complications. In this regard, this article features some of the best home remedies that could handle hives in a highly efficient manner and can prove to be some worthy alternatives to reduce the impact of the disease over a few synthetic medicines.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda can be regarded as one of the  [1] most potent natural remedies in handling hives as it’s known to be stuffed with some excellent anti inflammatory properties. The remedies are to possess some anti inflammatory properties as they are prominent to reduce the itching sensation and thereby reduce the burning on the whole. Bakin soda can pop out to be quite useful in this regard due to its properties. Hence a paste has to prepared by mixing baking soda in water and this paste material has to be applied on the affected areas for some better results.
Baking Soda

2. Aloe Vera

Among the numerous medicinal benefits of Aloe  [2] Vera, dealing with case like hives can be considered as one of the most worthy ones as this remedy can easily be accessed as it can be grown even in a small area of the house. Aloe Vera has some high amounts of anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties that may assist the immunity system of the body. Hence, aloe vera can be useful in reducing the redness of the skin, inflammation and itching. Hence all one has to do is to simply apply a tint of aloe vera extract on the affected areas of the skin for some better results.
Aloe Vera

3. Turmeric

The reason why turmeric is used as an ingredient in most  [3] of the foods is because it is well famed for its excellent anti inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Hence turmeric can even be quoted as a suitable natural remedy that can handle the cases of hives quite well and reduce the extent of itching and inflammation on the skin. In this context, turmeric can be directly used to serve the purpose better and the thing that has to be done is to simply mix a tablespoon of turmeric in a glass of water of hot milk and consume it atleast twice a day for some quick relief.

4. Diet And Clothing Remedies

This is solely to withstand the condition of hives quite firmly and proper clothing must be followed under such conditions. It is highly advisable to follow some loose textured clothing as only such sort of things can be highly helpful under such cases which are known to reduce the pressure on the skin and even itching sensation. Also proper diet is highly necessary and it’s highly recommended to include more amounts of vitamin C in your diet. One mustn’t get too stressed in such cases as the conditions might also get too worst and you have to stay out of sunlight to the maximum possible extent.
 Diet And Clothing Remedies

5. Mint Leaves

Mint is quite well known for its numerous cooling  [5] effects and this makes mint a perfect natural remedy to handle hives. Also mint possesses several anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties that are also famed to reduce the burning and itching sensation on the skin.
Mint Leaves

6. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is known to be one of the best natural [6]  remedy to handle chronic hives and in this conventional technique, needles are actually inserted at some specific body points. This method can sort out the actual problem or the root that’s causing hives and reduce the induction of those causes by following certain other methods.

7. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is quite famed to handle [7]  many of the skin diseases and this herb is prominent for its skin healing properties. This is because it has numerous anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that reduces the itching sensation to the maximum extent. Hence it’s highly recommended to apply witch hazel on the affected areas.
Witch Hazel