8 Reasons Why You Need To Take Probiotics


A healthy gut is a key to a healthy body. The phrase might sound uncomplicated but getting to it is quite a task. Lined with hundreds of microorganisms, both good and bad, the gut is the organ where digestion and assimilation takes places. As the equilibrium of these good and bad gut flora changes due to our diet, environmental factors, lifestyle, etc., it affects the overall health. One simple way to restore the gut flora balance is taking probiotics. Probiotic intake helps not only replenish beneficial bacteria in the body, but also boosts overall health. Few important reasons why consuming probiotics is beneficial for the body is summed up here.

Reasons Why You Need To Take Probiotics:

1. Healthy Microbiome:

Modern lifestyle, sugary food, antibiotics, additives, junk food etc., can create an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, which in turn results in health issues. Fortunately, probiotics can help restore the balance of microbiota and restore optimal conditions in the body supporting ideal metabolic activity.

Healthy Microbiome

2. Improves Nutrient Absorption:

Good bacteria in the gut help with the breaking down of food into smaller molecules that could be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. So, an imbalance in the microbiota in the gut can result in malabsorption. Probiotics help to improve good bacteria in the gut thereby enhancing the absorption of nutrients.

Improves Nutrient Absorption

3. Ideal Body Weight:

Studies have revealed that a healthy gut flora enhances the metabolism and encourages weight loss. Unbalanced gut flora can induce food craving, cause hormonal changes and bring in psychological disorders all of which can add to the weight gain. Fortunately, probiotics helps maintain a balance in the gut flora, which in turn aids with proper digestion, assimilation and absorption and boosts metabolism all of which help in maintaining ideal body weight.

Ideal Body Weight

4. Stable Mood:

Millions of neurotransmitters in the gut are the reasons why gut is called the second brain by experts. Technically known as the enteric nervous system which controls the gut independently has an impact on our emotional balance and mood. It is said that, serotonin, the key hormone of happiness, is majorly produced in the gut so to support mental health and improve your mood having a good gut flora balance is necessary. Probiotics are a simple way to achieve a healthy gut flora balance.

Stable Mood

5. Oral Health:

Digestive system starts from the mouth so improving the good bacteria in the digestive system starting from the mouth through the gut helps not only with improved digestion and assimilation, but also aids in getting rid of bad breath and oral problems such as gingivitis, etc. Good oral health results in beautiful teeth and a bright smile.

Oral Health

6. Allergy:

Research shows that when probiotics are given to women during pregnancy, it can reduce the risk of developing allergic skin rashes in babies. Moreover, those who are already suffering from any kind of rash can reduce their symptoms significantly thereby avoiding treatments that might lead to side effects.


7. Vaginal Infections:

Probiotics that are designed exclusively for women consists of a special kind of bacteria. These bacteria boost their immune system thereby increasing the resistance against any infection. This kind of approach is generally used when a woman suffers from repeated vaginal infections.

Vaginal Infections

8. Diarrhea:

Taking of antibiotics can lead to diarrhea as it damages the intestinal flora. Almost 30% of patients taking antibiotics suffer from diarrhea. Research shows that when adults and children were given probiotics, diarrhea reduced significantly. This is perhaps because the intestinal flora is strengthened thereby hindering the growth of pathogenic bacteria.