7 Fermented Foods For Gut Health


Foods For Gut Health

The fermented foods are extremely beneficial for human body. The fermented foods go through the lacto fermentation process which the foods produce health benefits and enzymes. The different probiotics like omega 3 fatty acids and minerals get produced which can improve your overall health. Thus the fermented foods are best to consume for thru gut health. Doctors suggest eating lots of fermented foods to obtain numerous minerals and enzymes and to protect your body from common health conditions and disease. Your gut, brain, nervous system and numerous functioning of your body gets improved by the fermented foods. Also the fermented foods straight from the plants can be consumed for more health benefits. For killing the harmful bacteria and to make your body super fit, here are some fermented foods which you must consume!

Here Are Fermented Foods For Gut Health

1. Yogurt

What can be more delicious and yummy than yogurt for your body? We love this amazing food which can curb our cravings and get the most amazing enzymes for the body. Yogurt is an amazing probiotic with lots of enzymes and minerals which can make you feel full and also have numerous bodily benefits. Go for a cup plain yogurt everyday and your gut health and overall body would get you some cool results! [1]


2. Pickles

If you love the sour and tangy taste of pickles, these foods are prepared form the fermentation process which would make you feel yummy and also get you numerous benefits. They help in improving the digestion and also help in developing your gut health. Prepared form the fermentation process, this food is a tasty and literally yummy option to maintain your health! [2]


3. Kimchi

This is a kind of Asian cabbage which people consume a lot. This amazing food is filled with lots of probiotics and enzymes which are exceptionally amazing for the gut health. This amazing food gets you numerous benefits among which weight loss, quick digestion, improved metabolism, beautiful skin are some![3]


4. Kefir

If you love milk and al kind of its variations, you would love to have kefir which is a fermented version of ilk. The cow, goat or sheep milk can be converted into kefir and this tastes amazing. Just like yogurt, this amazing drink tastes well and it is filled with some extremely amazing minerals which would fill your body with treats! For fighting allergies and infections to improving digestion, this amazing drink would do everything![4]


5. Miso

If you love the soya beans and soya chunk, here is a protein rich fermented food which would make you feel full with a yummy taste! Miso can be prepared by using brown rice, soya bean or barley. This amazing food has numerous health and skin benefits. To look younger and gorgeous for long, consume this fermented food and get many gut benefits![5]


6. Raw Cheese

If you love cheese, this is an amazing new which would get you consume more and more cheese. Raw cheese is prepared from the fermentation process and thus has numerous nutrients which can transform your body. The cheese which hasn’t yet pasteurized consists of all the fermented food benefits which you need to consume for better gut health!

Raw cheese

7. Sauerkraut

This is a traditional food with fermentation benefits and a cool taste. It is a fermented food prepared from cabbage and has tons and tons of minerals which can make your body super healthy. Go for this mineral rich food with vitamins protein, sodium and such important nutrients for making your body healthy and fit![7]