7 Remedies For Bleach Burns On Skin

Bleach Burns On Skin

Bleaching the skin is one of the beauty treatments to make the skin look more tempting and catchy. Many times women look for this method to make their skin look more shiny, fair and gorgeous. However beaching is not a method which can be used on a regular basis for making the skin look gorgeous and glowing as it may have some ill and side effects over the skin and would make it look completely discomforting. Sometimes, for bleaching if you select a wrong product which does not match your sensitive skin, the threat is to develop bleach burns. Also if you use bleaching products several times back to back, you may develop bleach burns. These strong bleach burns would make your skin completely degraded and thus proper remedies are needed to treat it. If you have been infected with bleach burns, here are some promising and high impact natural remedies which would get you rid of the bleach burns soon!

7 Remedies For Bleach Burns On Skin

1. Cold Water Rinse

Cold water is an amazing remedy which can treat bleach burns effectively. Not only the bleach burns, amazing cold water rinse can calm and soothe any such bleached burns and bruises and infections in a great way. Twice or thrice a day rinse the bleach burnt area with cool and chilled water and get amazing results gradually with this amazing natural remedy!

Cold Water Rinse

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Nothing can be more calming and soothing than this cool ingredient and herb which treats numerous skin issues in a single application. Aloe Vera gel is highly refreshing and cooling which would make your burns feel sooth and would get your inflammation and burning calmed. Apply fresh aloe Vera gel on your burns and get results soon!

Aloe Vera Gel

3. Cold Compresses

Cold compresses are one f the most effective ways if you not want to experiment with other ingredients. The cold compresses would make the burns feel numb and would simply restore the inflammation and burning sensation. Try rubbing ice cubes wrapped in a cotton cloth on the burns and get amazing relief!

 Cold Compresses

4. Chilled Milk

Milk and dairy products are simply amazing on burns and bruises. If you are feeling inflammation and burning sensation on your bleach burns, try this super cool remedy and get rid of all the pain and itching. Apply some fresh and chilled milk on the burns and get cool results!

Chilled Milk

5. Potatoes Slices

Potatoes are simply refreshing and cooling agents. People use potato slices to calm the puffed eyes and burns. Place some potato slices or potato crush on the burns and let it work for 15 minutes. This would get you cooling results soon!

Potatoes Slices

6. Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers are the most cooling and calming ingredients which would never fail to make your burns relax and get disappeared in no time. If you feel high burning sensation and inflammation on your bleach burns, apply fresh cucumber juice, cucumber face pack or cucumber slices on the infected area and you would feel the refreshing and amazing cucumbers calming you burns!

Cucumber Slices

7. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is also a cooling and calming product which you can directly apply on the bleach burns and get amazing results. If you have used bleach products which have degraded ad burnt your skin heavily, get some chilled and fresh coconut milk and apply it over the burns. This remedy would surely work wonders on your skin while making the skin refreshing, cool and calming.

Coconut Milk