7 Best Homemade Packs For Dry Hair

Packs For Dry Hair

Dry hair and scalp is a very common and natural problem women face. Especially in winters, the hair gets dry, frizzy and dull. Maintain the hair health is not an easy task in today’s busy life. Women do not get much time to care for their hair and provide enough nourishment and nutrition to the hair. Also stress, work pressure, dust, pollution and such conditions make the hair more dull, frizzy and rough. If you want to retain the lost moisture, beauty, shine and thickness of your hair, you must try some cool and redefining home remedies and masks for your hair. These hair masks would retain the moisture, lock it and get beautiful hair back! Here are some of the amazing hair masks exclusively for dry hair which can work wonders on your hair and make them more smooth, shiny, thick and glorious!

1. Egg Honey Mask

This exclusive and stunning moisturizing hair mask would simply work wonders on your dull and dry hair. Due to any reason, if your hair becomes dry, lifeless and frizzy, try this cool and amazing nourishing mask which would get you your gorgeous hair back! Mix some egg yolk and honey and apply this mask on your hair. Let it work for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. Use this cool mask for twice a week and get flawless hair!

Egg White With Honey

2. Milk Honey Mask

Nothing can get more nourishing and smoothening than milk. Milk is filled with nourishing and redefining elements which would never fail to get amazing results. Mix some milk and honey and apply this soothing, nourishing and rejuvenating mask on your hair and get cool results over your dry hair soon!

Milk Honey Mask

3. Banana Almond Oil Mask

Bananas are simply nourishing and softening agent which would make your hair adorable smooth, silky and nourished while almond oil would never fail to make your dry and lifeless hair more youthful and gorgeous. Mix some almond oil and banana crush and apply this mask on your hair twice a week for full nourished and moisture packed hair!

Banana Almond Oil Mask

4. Avocado Mayo Mask

Avocadoes give a new life and strength to the dull, damaged ad dry hair while the amazing and moisturizing mayonnaise makes the hair more lustrous and shiny. Mix avocadoes and mayonnaise and prepare a cool mask. Apply this amazing make on your dry and lifeless hair and you would get amazing, thick and voluminous hair as a return!

Avocado Mayo Mask

5. Fenugreek Yogurt

Fenugreek powder is not amazing only for dandruff; it also makes the hair more vibrant, voluminous, thick, shiny and gorgeous. Yogurt is a redefining ingredient for hair and makes it more shiny and nourished. Mix some yogurt and fenugreek powder and apply this mask over your hair. Within few applications, you would get amazing and cool hair!

Fenugreek Yogurt

6. Strawberry Egg Yolk Lemon Mask

The combination of these cool and redefining ingredients would never fail to get you the adorable and smooth hair back. If your hair are under nourished and feel lifeless, you can prepare DIY mask with strawberry pulp, egg yolk and lemon juice and apply it on your hair. This mask would retain moisture and lock it perfectly in your hair making them look youthful and gorgeous!

Strawberry Egg Yolk Lemon Mask

7. Honey Olive Oil Mask

Honey adds an amazing shine to the hair while olive oil gives nourishment and moisture to the hair.mix some honey and olive oil and great a mask. Apply it twice a week on your hair while massaging. This would get you dazzling and enviably glorious hair in no time!

Honey Olive Oil Mask