7 Popular Herbal Remedies for Migraine


Herbal Remedies for Migraine There are plenty of drugs in the market that can help reduce the intensity of headache felt during migraine and even prevent it altogether. However, the side effects of these drugs are manifold including permanent addiction to them. Therefore, the best and safest way to treat migraine is by use of effective herbs. There are plenty of herbs that can be used for easing pain but very few of them help deal with the headache felt during onset of migraine.While the herbs are beneficial in the treatment of migraine they should be used in combination with dietary and lifestyle changes to avoid occurrence of migraine altogether. In this article we will share with you the best herbs that can be used for treating migraine and its symptoms effectively.

Effective Herbs For Migraine Treatment


Feverfew To Relief Migraine Feverfew is an amazing herb for treating migraine and has been used since ancient times to treat severe form of headaches. The best part about consuming the herb is that it can be either taken in tea form or eaten raw to cure migraine.

The herb contains parthenolide, a chemical that helps reduce the intensity of migraines. Pills containing parthenolide are sold in the market for specifically treating migraine but the supplements should contain at least 2 per cent of the chemical to successfully treat the condition. The chemical works by preventing the occurrence of chemicals responsible for dilation of blood vessels that cause migraine.


Butterbur To Relief Migraine Butterbur, also known as petasite, is a very popular German herb used in the treatment of migraines but unlike Feverfew this herb is not completely safe for use; only the processed supplement form of butterbur should be taken for curing migraine otherwise it can prove toxic and lead to blood poisoning.

Butterbur is very effective in the treatment of headaches and migraine because the chemicals in the herb are anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic in nature. Muscular spasms and inflammation in the head are major causes of migraine according to medical studies. Studies have also revealed that 75 milligrams of butterbur taken twice a day is more effective in treating migraine than a placebo. Hence, it is recommended that 100 milligrams of the herbal supplement should be taken every three hours to beat the migraine as well as asthma. However, pills of butterbur can be ordered only at online stores.


Peppermint To Relief Migraine It is a well documented fact that peppermint is an excellent herb for treating headaches and migraine. The aroma of the herb works wonders to cure the problem by soothing the agitated and frayed muscles and nerves of the head. As the muscles relax the intensity of the pain associated with migraine reduces considerably.

Peppermint sticks are available at many drug stores and can be sniffed upon during an attack of migraine. Drinking several cups of peppermint tea through the day will also help ease the pain of migraine. People who regularly suffer from migraine prefer going for aroma therapy treatments that use peppermint essential oil specifically for treating chronic headaches.


Ginger To Relief Migraine Consuming raw ginger helps release certain chemicals in the body that relax and soothe the muscles thereby decreasing the headache felt during migraine attack. People who frequently suffer from migraine drink several cups of plain ginger tea to prevent their occurrence as well as to treat them. Chewing raw ginger is also a good way of beating migraine. Ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature and reduces the migraine pain by restoring the normal size of inflamed nerves and muscles in the head.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil To Relief Migraine The oil of eucalyptus is a well known remedy for treating headaches including those leading to migraine. The aroma of the oil releases stress reducing hormones in the body that help the muscles and nerves present in the head to relax. Gently massaging the oil on your temples will improve your condition to a considerable extent.

Some people prefer inhaling steam of eucalyptus oil to treat migraine. For this treatment pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a boiling pot of water. Remove the water from heat and inhale the steam that arises from the pot. While some people use this treatment for curing common cold and chest condition it is also very useful in the treatment of migraine. Inhaling the steam for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times during the day will effectively treat migraine.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil works much like eucalyptus oil except for that it should not be inhaled in steam form. The delicate smell of rosemary helps alleviate migraine to a great extent. Rub a few drops of rosemary oil on your temples right before going to sleep at night. Massage the temples with the oil for 5-7 minutes for instant relief from migraine. Perform the treatment every time you feel the slightest of headaches; doing this will prevent the headache from turning into migraine.

While rosemary oil works wonders for the migraine you can also try consuming the herb in its tea form. Rosemary herbal tea bags are available in many food stores and drinking several cups of rosemary tea through the day will greatly ease the pain felt during migraine attack.

Rosemary Oil To Relief Migraine Sandalwood

Sandalwood is popularly known for its aromatic properties and is therefore, used in many cosmetic products including perfumes. However, the aroma of pure sandalwood oil is excellent for treating migraine. The only drawback is that sandalwood oil is not easily available; in such a case you can use red sandalwood powder for easing the discomfort felt during migraine. Prepare sandalwood paste by mixing the powder with rose water.

Apply generous amount of the paste on your forehead taking care to cover the temples as well. Leave on the paste for 20-40 minutes; sandalwood will effectively cool the head and help reduce the inflammation of the nerves in the head. Treating inflammation of the nerves is an important step in treating headaches and migraines.Sandalwood treatment works best when you sit in a darkened room after applying the paste on your forehead. It is believed that the peace and calm of a darkened room combined with the coolness of sandalwood helps ease the stress in the nerves that accompanies migraine.

Sandalwood To Relief Migraine