7 Natural Laxatives For Constipation


7 Natural Laxatives For Constipation

Laxatives have strong effects on your digestive system. Laxatives help relieve constipation because of their effects in the body. It promotes regular bowel movements which is necessary for good health. There are many laxatives available in the market as over the counter products. But natural laxative in the form of food have been used for many years. So before you reach the over the counter laxative, add such foods in your diet.

Here Are Some Foods That Make The Best Natural Laxatives.

1. Aloe Vera :

It is probably the most popular remedies for an immediate laxative effect. Aloe Vera comes with vitamins, electrolytes and enzymes. It increases intestinal water content, stimulates mucus secretion and increase intestinal peristalsis naturally. One study have found that aloe vera was stronger than stimulant laxative phenolphthalein. It increases the peristalsis and draw water into intestine. Aloe vera also has anti inflammatory properties that help improve the digestive process. Aloe vera doesn’t treat the root cause of constipation.

Aloe Vera

2. Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds lubricate the intestines making it a great laxative. It has laxative characteristics. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds form a gel like consistency when soaked in water. It helps lubricate the intestines.This type of fiber is very popular supplements for constipation. It uses soluble fiber which is more sticky. Add Chia seeds to your daily diet by making chia pudding , making homemade fruit jam or adding seeds to a smoothie.

 Chia Seeds

3. Flaxseeds:

It helps create stool bulk, helping to naturally relieve constipation. The fiber in flaxseeds is similar to chia seeds in its ability to create stool bulk. The oil of flaxseeds hasalso been studied for their ability to act as natural laxatives by drawing water into the intestine. It is a key to get rid of constipation by creating more bulk in your intestines. Add 2 tablespoon of flaxseeds to your daily smoothie for a constipation relieving boost.


4. Dark Leafy Greens:

Dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, dandelion greens etc not only contain soluble and insoluble fiber but also contain magnesium. It is proven that fiber increases the movement through the colon.  These leafy greens that contain magnesium are a powerful electrolyte. Magnesium is responsible for pulling in and retaining water in the intestines which helps increase the mobility. It helps stool flow more easily through the stomach.

Dark Leafy Greens

5. Probiotics:

The build up of bad bacteria in the digestive tract due to a processed food filled diet is a cause of digestive trouble.  The probiotic foods such as Kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut contain beneficial enzyme and bacteria to help fight constipation.  Studies found that with few strains of probiotic species has improved the stool frequency and consistency in the constipated patients. Aim to add at least one of the probiotic foods to your everyday diet to keep your digestion regular. You can use kimchi or sauerkraut as flavoured toppings in salads. You can also try drinking kombucha drink with you meal.


6. Apples:

Constipation relieving fiber is found in apples. This type of fiber called pectin. It is a water soluble form of fiber that has been shown to accelerate and stimulate the waste movement through the colon. Benefits of apple do not stop here. The bi products of apple fermentation is acetic acid which helps in normalizing the pH of the digestive system while also fighting potentially digestive function for regular and smooth bowel movements.


7. Coffee:

Morning coffe not only wakes up your brain but your colon as well.  Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which has been shown in studies to increase colonic motility. Coffee also contains a host of anti oxidants that can help fight inflammation helping to ease irritated digestive track. Coffee can be used to get quick relief from constipation but it should not be used continuously as a laxative without addressing the root cause of your constipation.