15 Amazing Benefits Of The Papaya


15 Amazing Benefits Of The Papaya

Rush hour breakfast, losing weight, diabetes control, asthma cure, bronchitis problem, and to remain on top of the world ! These are daily routine regime and the entire world population goes through this daily life’s pressure and combating with the same. In all this hustle and bustle comes up the strong, cheerful orange yellow soft and solid energy bouncer – The Papaya. Welcome to the world of papaya and its super benefits. It is said that Christopher Columbus, the great voyager, called this fruit as the Fruit of the Angels. The papaya a native of Mexico is today very popular and available in almost all the tropical countries. Discover this goldmine of energy and health and you will never fail to pick up one upon your next visit to the grocery store and you may nurture this plant as part of your fruit garden!!

1. A Powerful Digestive Aid

A glass of papaya juice helps to increase digestion and helps to increase metabolism. The enzyme present in papaya called papain is known to help in digestion.

Digestion problems

2. Helps To Fight Arthritis

Papaya is rich in calcium. Consuming this fruit regularly helps to increase the calcium level in our body. This will certainly postpone the occurring of arthritis.

Reduces Arthritis Pain

3. Helps Diabetes Control

The papaya is low in cholesterol and hence, diabetes patients can safely eat this without cause to worry about increase in weight or sugar levels.

 Helps Diabetes Control

4. Boosts The Immune System

Regular intake of papaya boosts the immune system. Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, the papaya is a fruit that helps to keep away cold and flu.

Enhancing The Immune System

5. Helps To Fight Dengue

Dengue fever is recognized by a low platelet count. Papaya leaves are good remedy to increase the platelet count. Crush a few green papaya leaves and extract the juice. Consumption of the same as prescribed is said to increase the platelet count. dengue fever

6. Helps To Clean Hair And Rid Dandruff

A papaya hair mask of papaya pulp crushed and mixed with fresh yogurt, applied on the hair and rinsed with a mild shampoo, is found to be effective in dandruff control.


7. Correction Of Menstrual Irregularity

Papaya is known for its contribution to building a strong immune system. Women having irregular menstrual cycle, are advised to eat this fruit regularly for a natural flow of menstruation.

Regulates Menstrual Cycle

8. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

A young and healthy heart is what one requires to carry on with their chores endlessly. Papaya fruit is rich in Vitamins of A, C and K. papaya, helps to control cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Cardiovascular Health

9. Heals Wounds

Cut and open wounds are cured by applying crushed papaya seeds on the open wound.

Heals Cuts

10. Helps In Asthma And Bronchitis Control

Rich in Vitamin C, eating papaya helps to clear the inflammation in the lungs and promotes relief from asthma.


11. Weight Reduction

Papaya consumption is recommended for weight loss and dietary measures. Eating papaya generates a feeling of fullness and stops craving. Rich in dietary fibers, promotes metabolism and low cholesterol, the papaya is a safe bet for those weight watchers!!

Weight Reduction

12. Prevention Of Cataract

Our eyes ae the windows to the outside world. Degeneration of eyesight due to age can be prevented by consuming this angel fruit-papaya. Rich in Vitamin A, papayas are a highly recommended for an improved eyesight.


13. Helps To Keep Skin Ageing At Bay

We all love to look young and remain young. But one cannot fight the natural process of ageing. Rich in Vitamin E, consuming papaya helps to postpone skin ageing. You may also use papaya based facemask to brighten the skin tone and reduce wrinkles.


14. High In Anti- Cancer Properties

Papaya consumption is highly recommended for its powers to keep cancer at bay. Its rich antioxidants properties prevent cells radical damage and promotes immunology. It arrests the spread of cancer.


15. Reduces Stress Levels

Packed with energy Vitamins as C and Vitamin A, a refrigerated bowl of fresh cut papaya on a hot summer afternoon, can be the energizer that you so much want. Also, a cup of the fruit of the angels, as a break time snack can reduce stress levels during a long working day. So, the next time you want a coffee or tea break, try a cup of papaya cubes. It’s simply invigorating!!

Reduces Stress Levels