7 Incredible Benefits Of Bitter Gourd For Hair You Should Know


Incredible Benefits Of Bitter Gourd For Hair You Should Know

Most of you would turn off your noses now. Of course the bitter taste of Bitter gourd makes it least favorite vegetable among us. But do you know that this Bitter Gourd is equally nutritious and beneficial for our health. You must have noticed that most of diabetic people and those who are looking to loose weight sip the fresh bitter gourd juice everyday. Do you know this Bitter Gourd can also helps you to get a stronger and healthy hair?Yes Let it be hair fall, dull hair, premature grey hair, dandruff or even split ends. In This Article We Would Be Discussing Some Of The Interesting Benefits Of Bitter Gourd For Your Hair.

Incredible Benefits Of Bitter Gourd For Hair

1. Dull Hair:

No need to spend bucks on expensive serums or spa creams to get shiny mane now. Bitter gourd would help you to get shiny tresses in no time. Mix a juice of one grated Bitter gourd and one cup of fresh yogurt. Use this mask on your hair and scalp. Wait for 30 minutes. This mask would help to instantly revitalize your hair and give it an amazing shine.

Dull Hair

2. Itchy Scalp:

Suffering from itchy scalp and scalp infections. Bitter gourd is an answer to your solution.The remedy is simple as well. Cut the Bitter Gourd in pieces and massage it on your scalp for some time.Shampoo after wards to remove the residue. Pretty simple isn’t it ?

Itchy Scalp

3. Split Ends:

Tired of chopping your split ends every month? Give Bitter Gourd a try. Twice a week application of Fresh Bitter Gourd juice on your hair and scalp helps to get rid of split ends effectively.

Split Ends

4. Hair Fall:

There would be hardly any one who is not suffering from Hair Fall. You must be tired of using every possible remedy and product to combat it. You can control your hair fall with Bitter Gourd. Mix its juice with a tablespoon of sugar and apply it on the scalp with cotton bud. Let it dry and wash off with plain water. Follow it regularly to get stronger hair.

Hair Fall

5. Restore Natural Color Of Your Hair:

Due to pollution, sun exposure or due to some hair products our hair tends to loose its natural color and texture. Restore your natural hair color with Bitter Gourd. Cut the Bitter gourd slices and add it to half a cup of coconut oil. Heat it till bitter ground slices turn brown. Once done apply this oil on your scalp and hair. Let it sit over night and wash off in the morning with shampoo.

Restore natural color of your hair

6. Dandruff:

Tired of using anti dandruff shampoos to get rid dandruff flakes. Try this remedy. Make a paste of Bitter Gourd juice and Cumin seeds. Massage it on the scalp and let it dry. Wash off with lukewarm water and shampoo to remove the mask. It is advised to follow this remedy twice a week.


7. Premature Grey Hair:

We just hate those grey strands which pops out in between our black mane. Now you can control it with Bitter Gourd. The issue seems to pretty bothersome but the remedy is pretty simple. Extract the fresh juice from grated Bitter gourd and apply it on the grey strands. Wait for an hour and wash off later. It is recommended to repeat this remedy every ten days to see the visible results.

Premature Grey Hair