Top 14 Unique Fruits Can Be A Part Of Your Diet


Top 14 Unique Fruits Can Be A Part Of Your Diet

Fruits are the essential part of human diet. Human take the fruits in their diet to get good health, glowing skin, to build strong immune system and for many other benefits. Fruits vary in providing benefits. The knowledge of sugar content, vitamins, minerals etc. is also beneficial for persons who are health conscious. So, on the basis of sugar content, vitamins and minerals present in the fruits, one can pick and choose fruits for eating in their daily diet. Here, we will discuss about various fruits which have different benefits if included in the diet.

List Of Top 14 Fruits Which Can Be Made A Part Of Our Diet:

1. Apple:

‘An apple in a day, keeps the doctor away’ is very true as 1 cup of chopped apples contain only 13 grams of sugar and these are powerful fat fighters.


2. Pomegranate:

No added sweetner is required in pomegranate juice. Sugar is present in sufficient amount in pomegranate itself. The most used part of this wonderful fruit is its seed. You can sprinkle them on a snack, add to the salad or yogurt. Even the seeds can be sprinkled in chicken recepies.


3. Mango:

The sugar rich fruit has Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. If you want to protect yourself from cancers like breast cancer, prostrate cancer, colon cancer and leukemia, you can add this powerful cancer fighter in your diet.


4. Tangerines:

These little oranges are ranked high for their sugar content. One tangerine contains 12.7 gms of sugar. The best quality of this fruit is that it helps in getting better hair. Better hair involves better growth, reduction in hair loss and slows down of graying of hair.


5. Bananas:

These are highly rich in sugar content and carbohydrates as compared to other fruits. They are quiet helpful in bringing sound sleep, building lean muscles and burning fat.


6. Pineapple:

This fruit is considered to be the natural energy booster. It is because of the fact that it contains manganese which is the essential mineral for production of energy.


7. Grapefruit:

Although the fruit has a high sugar content, it has good amount of vitamins and antioxidants. Eating half grape fruit before meal can help in reducing belly fat and lowering cholesterol level.


8. Cherries:

The fibre in the sweet little fruit slows down the digestion of high sugar content. One cup of cherries has 306 milligrams of Potassium. Also, these are rich in antioxidants which help in fighting with cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

9. Apricots:

Sugar rich fruit is consumed fresh as well as dried and it is helpful in bringing glow on skin due to presence of Vitamin A. The potassium in Apricots plays a role in keeping metabolic rate high and in digestion of nutrients like carbohydrates and fat.


10. Peach:

This fruit is helpful in kicking off obesity, high cholesterol, inflammation and diabetes by modulating the expression of genes.


11. Cranberries:

These berries are lowest in rank related to sugar content and highest in rank related to cancer fighting phenol antioxidant.

eat Cranberries

12. Strawberries:

These barriers are also known as nature’s candy. A cup of strawberries can help you to make your immune system strong and reducing level of stress.

13. Blackberries:

These berries are the richest source of antioxidants and the color of these berries indicate towards this quality. The sugar content in 1 cup of blackberries is only 7 grams.


14. Figs:

Figs are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, E and K. In addition to these, figs have high sugar content. If you want to eat raw figs for health benefits, be sure to have 1 0r 2 at one time.